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Manny  📚| MBA ❣| 12/11/I 16 🦍|@barbellbenders 🏋🏼| Powerlifting


585 top single. Definitely needed this after last weeks depressing 570. Right leg caved in, definitely need to continue to work on that. BTW I HATE WALKING OUT.@barbellbenders @smashfitnessusa @chris_posey8525

600x3, followed by a 4x4 w/ a deficit, Rev hypers and rows. #Iwant700
Tee @barbellbenders
Gym @smashfitnessusa
Thanks @rodgers.tony for the rehab/prehab

535x1,570x1,tempo squats (3x3),& lunges followed by 5s on bench. -
Big thanks to the team @barbellbenders for all the help. Also @rodgers.tony for all your, prehab/rehab tips definitely made a big difference. Getting some more work on my hamstring this week with @physioright then a deload and increasing the percentages. 💀
Squad: @barbellbenders
New tee “squats & cafecito”

Post squats! @bossburgernbrew #eltumbe2.0

Early morning Intimidating stare downs.
💀👀🐶 @frenchies.1 @frenchiesworld_wide @ig_bullys #frenchbulldog #frenchies

This picture went like:
Me “look into my eyes”
Her “yes boo”
Me “I farted” 🤷🏻‍♂️#loveyou #fartsandgiggles

#Repost @barbellbenders with @get_repost
Now you know 🤓
#teambarbellbenders #cameltoesanddickprints
@turtz_mcgurtz @fookin_kris_jul @irishdrew @avatar.strength @xavier_ch @buff_n_fluff @pvidal123 @nikie_squats_lo @jbicet001 @wayofsteede @jarde.ca @katie_hosang @_savageeelexiii_ ~
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You should lift heavier

W1: (prep)75%, 550x2x3, -
•(sumo) 4x10 -
•Single leg hamstring curl 5x15 -
•Reverse hyper extension 5x10 -
•Rows 5x10 @arsenal_strength -
Adding weight and increasing the percentages as the weeks go. 5A.M fasted sessions suck, but school and work are priorities right now. -
👕:@barbellbenders 🏋🏻‍♂️:@smashfitnessusa

Reminiscing on a time when I was “kinda strong”. Best meet to date went 9/9 and PRs on all 3 lifts. Definitely not satisfied, nor content. I’m driven and hungry for more. Strength is never a weakness.

W3D2: 315x3x3, 335x3x3 and some accessories. (Definitely need to invest in some elbow sleeves) -
Gym: @smashfitnessusa
Army: @barbellbenders
Team: #povertybench

W3D1: (ME) 500x3x1, 415x2x5 followed by accessories. (Sleeves and beltless) -
**The most weight I’ve had on my back since my injury in October. I’m excited to continue to build back and surpass my previous PRs.**
Gym : @smashfitnessusa
Team : @barbellbenders
Big thanks @physioright

W1D2: (DE) 2x5@495 -
Followed by some accessories.

Happy New Year. 🍻🍾🥂🥃 #2018

Blessed and grateful for what 2017 has brought us. Looking forward to 2018 and all of its unfathomable and extraordinary moments. Happy New Year to everyone.

Lots of triples w/ 365,385 & 405. #beatwisconsin #miamihurricanes

Nothing impressive. Nothing that will “wow” you. Just content with this post Injury PR 315x8x3. Definitely forgot how to low bar squat.
The detaining feels are real
@barbellbenders #hamstringtear

Ugly sweater party. #waytoomanyshots

Bench day #stillpoverty #died
315x2x5, 3451x1, 365x1x1 (EGO) 405x1x1 fail!!!!
Elite FTS FB bar 305x3x8.
Incline DB 4x10.
Banded push ups 3xfailure.
Gym: @smashfitnessusa
Team: @barbellbenders
Spot: @jreardon93_fit

Birthday Face AF. What Monday feels like AF. Excited about our two year anniversary AF. [ Insert anything ] add AF. #27thbirthday #notexictedatallaboutmybornday #30staythefuckback 🥃🎂

Yesterday, I proposed to my best friend, my teammate, my co-pilot, my everything.
No words or quotes can explain what you make me feel. I’m lucky and grateful to call you mine. Thank you for understanding my uncanny & anomalous way of life. BIG/HUGE Thank you to everyone who made our day special. #Iloveyouwithallmyheart

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