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Back in grade school, one of my first original super heroes was a character named SGT. SHADOW - inspired by all those American ninja movies and TV shows. I guess this is the closest I'll get to having a minifig of him. 😜 #lego #minifig #ninja

The Brick

Hang out with @takbotikbalang today at @_fullybooked 👍👍

And then came the day when Wonder Woman formed her own League of Awesome Avengers!

"So... do you want to join my Avengers team?" 😬

ROW 7, SHELF 40 #instafiction. On Row 7, Shelf 40, in between the Mælmmut cabinet and the Isödor chair was the Table of Infinite Wisdom.

It was the table that united the seven kingdoms of Atlantis. All who sat around that great table imparted their wisdom into the wood, which became part of the design. Running your fingers along the intricate carvings of the table allowed you to access the knowledge and spirit of the Grand Architects, Generals, and Priests.
The Table of Infinite Wisdom allowed Atlantis to bring together the warring cities and forge a might empire that waged a campaign for peace and harmony, progress and innovation.

88 years of peace was brought to a sudden end when the meteor Blacknull came crashing into the oceans and wiped out the empire of Atlantis.

But the Grand Architect of the table did not want his masterpiece to be destroyed. And so, he cast a spell which sent the table through time and space. While travelling through the time wave, it disassembled itself and created its own set of building instructions and materialized on Row 7, Shelf 40. The Grand Architect had hoped it would end up in the hands of a Great Peacemaker, who would bring the world leaders together and, guided by the wisdom of the table, would bring a hundred years of peace and innovation to the world once again.

As luck would have it, there was sale in the store that day, and the table was bought by one Harold Nueman, an accoutant who had a love for fantasy board games, but was painfully shy to go out and meet with anyone.

So, everyday, Harold would have his grilled cheese sandwich on the Table of Infinite Wisdom, where his head would get filled with fantastic, life-changing ideas, which all end up in his D&D campaign, which he never got run because he was too shy to invite anyone to his place for a night of sword and sorcery.

Declassified files from the Order of St. Michael #darkcolony #mikeyrecio #demondungeon

Re-reading some old files #darkcolony #mikeyrecio #demondungeon

Luya Manster is very freaky 😜

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