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If you want in on a contest easier and less disturbing than our buddy Whitton trying to move a cookie from his forehead to his mouth, go to AmericaToMe.com.

The public voting period for a $25,000 youth scholarship based on original spoken word/rap/poetry video entries begins now through October 22 (winner announced Oct. 28). The top five finalists have already been chosen. Vote for your favorite.

#Starz #AmericaToMeContest #sponsored

@andrewgibby gift for my first day back to a fight class.

There are only 20 tickets left for the London show at Roundhouse October 18th. Go to buddywakefield.com tour page for the ticket link.

These bodies are a sticky hologram.

UK tour starts tonight in Bristol, mate.
Fanks bruv, I’m well ready for it.

So I tractor down and told’er, *If you need a hand with finances and you’re between ages 13-19, there’s a $25,000 scholarship available at AmericaToMe.com. All you gotta do is submit a 30-60sec clip of your own original poem/rap/spoken word saying what America means to you.* #sponsored

Uppsala, Sweden. The festival director may or may not have said it was her favorite night in the history of the event. We did kinda nail it. @phiziks @moafrika01 @oskarhanska @kunghenrybowers

You ever thought about relaxing? Ya know just taking all your world domination money, getting a massage every morning, enjoying it and letting people with a moral compass have a go at making good on the enlightening ideals your malnourished followers have given up on?


He wrote to you with firecracker chalk
on a blackboard background
from a free-standing landing pad
held together by choir claps
over butter cups spraying
out the mouths of doves.
Getting to his point
would require starting over
at the outer loop
of your ripple effect
swinging monkey bar style
arm over arm
parallel to parallel
minding the gaps.
it takes a deeper breath
to hover on holy
against the current.

He wasn’t falling out of love with you.
He was falling out of ways to tell you.
Photo by @b.a.vansise who pulled this poem from a 2008 anthology on @writebloodypublishing (The Last American Valentine) to feature in his project photographing American poets. He mentioned something about the Smithsonian, but I steer clear of expectations for such things. Was a great experience working with him. Also, my mom would shit her pants....
Just posted a brand new piece on my FB author page: https://m.facebook.com/Buddywakefield/

Swedish athletes don’t give a *shit* y’all.

It’s a welcome surprise when artists include my work in theirs. Thank you for this @handsomemoonstudio

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