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Today's Doodle!


Exciting news from Buddha Doodles HQ!

Today's Doodle ( <3 ) Inspired by Tara Brach.

Freshly Doodled!

For many years friends and fans have asked why I don't make a girl Buddha Doodles character more often. I wasn't sure how to respond at the time because I wasn't thinking about gender when I first started sketching Buddha Doodles. They seemed more like spirits to me than anything.
All of my art is a direct response to healing a very painful and troubled past. I'm lucky to be alive. Though I've made so much progress, taking the leap of faith and making a film starring a little girl as the lead is incredibly challenging and requiring all of my strength and support from friends. And therapy of course ;) The work I've done via art, therapy, and and other creative expression has helped me to forgive things that I thought were unforgivable. I also have compassion for my parents now that I clearly see how their mental illness, confusion, and pain hurt our entire family, not just me.
It has taken my entire life to BOLDLY commit to this animated Buddha Doodles project...which I will be launching a kickstarter for on May 1st.

This project is really intense and truly from the depths of my heart. Each day I bravely mine the shadows so that I can shine a light on the parts of myself that I'm still struggling to love and accept.
And I couldn't think of a better way to do it than through art.
I want to take a moment to celebrate and acknowledge the hero inside of us all.

Onward with Bravery.

Freshly Doodled!

Freshly doodled <3

Tag a friend you wanna pretend to be the Dalai Lama with today!

Today's Doodle <3

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