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Buddha Teas  For a 10% discount, use coupon "instagram" at checkout 👇🌟

We love this photo by eatwell_withmichelle + she’s having a giveaway with our CBD tea 🍵

Such a compliment when dietitians recommend our teas. We appreciate you 417dietitian ✨🍵✨

CBD reviews on our website have been nothing but positive. These herbal blends are helping people with a range of ailments. Photo credit thehempirecompany 📷

Twist, Shake & Drink. We love the description by feedmepronto “Most bottled matcha has additives to prevent matcha from oxidizing in water and turning brown. We all want matcha but none of us want additives buddhateas to the rescue. Welcome to their patented twist top matcha” #science

Our CBD Chamomile Blend consists of Lavender, Lemon Balm, Chamomile flowers 🌼 and CBD. Check the reviews on our website and see what our customers are saying about this amazing anti-anxiety, calming, relaxing and sleep-aid blend. Photo credit cbd.and.me 📷

Photo by zoeskitchencreations - are you familiar with Chaga? Some health benefits of this super food are: Slows the aging process, Lowers cholesterol, Prevents and fights cancer, Regulates blood pressure, Supports the immune system, Regulates blood sugar. It’s basically a must have in any herbal enthusiast’s cabinet.

Our Pure Mind Tea contains herbs to help focus the mind and improve memory. There’s no better way to take a moments peace and simultaneously nourish the brain 🧠. Photo credit miss.mrj 📷

Thanks for the photo ah_fuh - and yes... always “laugh at your mistakes” 🍵

cheyenneboots - another great photo of Cheyenne enjoying a delicious cup of our Chamomile CBD Blend. This blend consisted of majority Chamomile, touch of Lemon Balm and a hint of Lavender 💤

grueskey - amazing photography. Thanks for sharing a picture of our CBD Matcha Green Tea 🍵

Buddha Teas just returned from bhaktifest serving our delicious hot teas. Sorry for the delay in responding to messages - “We missed you”. Photo credit soulisticvibrations 📷
kameronmartineau kellylancaster

Have you tried our CBD Teas yet? We’d love to hear your reviews in the comments below. Photo courtesy of eddieshealthshoppe that just started stocking the line 📷

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