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ArtLover  🇨🇿 🖤Flute🖤Yoga🖤Selflove🖤Always learning🖤😁 #flutelyfe

This weekend's #practiceroomview 🖼 ♥️

Bezdomovec Aneta #homeless #aneta 😂♥️

Když jsem včera objevila soutěž o knihu @konecprokrastinace od @petrludwig, přemýšlela jsem, co by nejlépe vystihlo, jak prokrastinuji. To, že jsem pořád na mobilu, je moc mainstream a nevím, jak to vyfotit 😁 Dneska při uklízení mi ale došlo, že nic vymýšlet nemusím ☺️😂 #petletprokrastinuju #osmnactletprokrastinuju #tílka #duha #prokrastinace #konecprokrastinace #motivace #barvičky #rainbow #konmari #konmariemethod #zacalajsemuklizetpreddvemahodinami #internetyjsounejhorsizrouticasuaenergie ♥️

Lol how I love this game 😍♥️🙄😂 #broom #headshots 🤕#harrypotter #hogwartsmystery #griffindor 😍😁

#Libertango w/ my sister @raddiebi, who does sports rather than music, but today has started to play the #boomwhackers 🤷‍♀️😂
We had only one take because the piece is really hurting for the percussionist. 🤕😂 ..
Finally I have musical video with my sister like @arianaflute 😍😂
Máme v sobě každá jeden @mindflow_cz 😂 Jsem zvědavá, jestli takhle budou fungovat vždy 😂

How @petrradamek7 and I wanted to go to #drabskesvetnicky for hiking 😃
On the way there it was sunny (photo 1). After we'd stopped for the lunch, it started to rain. (Photo 2 and 3). So we ate the lunch and drove 90 kilometres home (photo 4) 😂

Do nothing for 40 seconds 😃😈🔥🎇🔥 I love watching fire 😍
#firewalking with friends

... If you don't like cute kids don't watch this! 😋😁
... #nephew #flutiewithauntie 😂 #music #flutelyfe #recorderlyfe #recorderhacks #youngmusicians #aspiringmusician ♥️😂

I have no motivation to practise the flute (don't ask me why, I don't know) so I started to practise guitar. It's a new instrument for me and I really like it. I like that calming sound. And it's better to play the guitar than procrastinate on Instagram 😁😁
#aquaevino #guitar #flutelyfe
The second part of the video is 1,5x faster 😂

#tjflutescompetition ♥️
I've been playing the flute since I was 10, so I've been playing the flute for 7,5 years (but I've been really practising for 4 years 😂) I've always wanted to be a musician (at 9 years I wanted to be a Pop Star, then I realized that playing The Moldau in Czech Philharmonic is more interesting and I started to play the flute). After five years of playing I decided to study at a musical highschool, thankfully I'm here!
I'm planning to study at least one year in France. Then I would love to play in orchestra, work with some contemporary music association (both concerting and composing), teach children how to play the flute and show everyone beauties of the classical music ♥️ I own a very old Yamaha YFL 674. It's a really great flute and I love it, but the reason I participate this competition is that it's often broken (4 weeks after overhaul etc.), so the new one would be more reliable, and my actual flute case is really horrible for my flute (the new safe one would be really expensive and I can't afford that; maybe that's the reason why I have problems with my Yamaha). BUT despite all this I think there are so many talented people who deserve this beautiful Trevor James flute and need it more than me, so I would be really happy if it will help someone from a very poor country or someone who plays much better than me. Maybe I don't want to win this competition, because I don't want to feel guilty (for stealing someone the opportunity). So if you're thinking about giving me that flute, give me rather that beautiful cherrywood case for my (old) baby flute ♥️ Haha. 😉
Thank you @tjflutes for doing this competition (btw I'm really glad I could try to learn a bit of this really difficult piece!) and @klarissimaflute @forceflauto @arianaflute and @eirikflute for jurying, I don't envy you 😁

Playing my own composition Rondo for Flute and Oboe 😆
Link in bio!
#flute #Oboe #Rondo #flutelyfe #composing #music #composer #youngcomposer

Two kids on a dancing ball 😊
#iknowyoudontwanttoseepostswithhimallthetimebuticanthelpmyself 😊😁

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