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The BUD Summit  The Business Understanding Development Summit: This year we are battling the opioid crisis. Join the fight NOW!!! 👇🏽

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When it comes to weed, Snoop Dogg is putting his money where his mouth is. Snoop Dogg is now a part-owner of Canopy Growth, the largest grow operation in the world. Now, this mega-Canadian corporation will have exclusive rights to Snoop Dogg’s own cannabis company, Leafs by Snoop. Here’s a closer look at the deal that’s got everyone talking..
Snoop Dogg, ie. Calvin Broadaus Jr., has one of the best smoking reps, maybe of all time. So much so that only Willie Nelson could out-smoke him. The rapper has even released a smokable songbook.
Not only does this OG have a strain named after him, he has his own line, too. Back in 2015, Snoop Dogg founded his eponymous Leafs by Snoop in Colorado. You can find Leafs by Snoop in Colorado and, very soon, all across Canada..
In addition to his rap career, Snoop Dogg has also spearheaded a number of high-profile marijuana investments through his venture capital firm, Casa Verde Capital. Through it, Snoop helps businesses tied to the cannabis industry—labs, financial services, tech—raise funds. In March, High Times reported that Casa Verde has raised over $40 million..
Now, Snoop is turning his eye towards one of the biggest legal weed markets in the world: Canada. A few years ago, Casa Verde partnered with Tweed Inc., an Ontario-based medical marijuana producer. Since then, Canopy Growth, a company that supplies 1/3 of Canada’s medical marijuana needs according to Business Insider, has bought Tweed..
With legalization on the horizon, Canopy Growth is expanding. This mega-corporation penned a deal with fellow weed producer SunSelect Produce. Together, they’re forming B.C. Tweed, a British Columbia-based operation. This separate entity will take hold of one of SunSelect’s preexisting facilities, and build a new one. The second facility, located in Langley, British Columbia, will be an impressive 1.3 million square feet.

All this means that Snoop Dogg will have a share in the largest grow operation in the world. Not only that, but he may have a say in Canopy Growth’s business plan. Ted Chung, Snoop’s manager, is the company’s strategic advisor for content strategy as of 2017.. Cont

From Big #Hockey Hits 🏒🏒 to Big HIT PERIOD... shout out to my favorite Philly #Flier and fellow 3X Co-Faculty Riley Cote 🚀🚀a proud supporter of #veterans, #cannabis, and the #equity advances within the industry!! #AthletesforCare #PA #PatientsOutofTime 🎥🍏#iamentrevation Todd Hughes, PMP #business BioRemedies MD

Our friends Jake and Nelson of @cannacultural have evolved into the protectors of diversity in cannabis for the tristate area at the Patients Out Of Time Conference.

Hey Jake, next time move a couple notches to the left 🤣


Team EV (@iamentrevation) visits Policy Link in Chicago, IL where they connected with policy makers from across the U.S.

#PolicyLink #PolicyMakers #Advocacy

#4/20 flashback to the UDC Cannabis Law Symposium - David Grosso (DC Council-Member) showed the world his MMJ card 😄 and Attorney Brandon Wyatt Esq. discussing the importance of attorneys defending ALL rights 👊🏽 •


Happy 4/20, but never forget the lingering impact of the war on drugs...

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The world’s best athletes smoke weed. Watch them smoke with B/R and share their stories Friday on 4/20 #BRx420 @dubbyfreshquire @iamentrevation

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The War on Drugs only applies to black, brown, and poor people. Others join boards and profit from the very substance responsible for too many of us behind bars. I just want equality and equity in this. The IRONY is unbearable. Let’s harness our power y’all. We must protect ourselves. ✊🏾💕 #loveandpower

Our very own Attorney Wyatt is in Chicago to speak at the Policy Link Conference. He’s advocating for veterans access!! Footage to come..

How do you take your CBD? 🤔

They should change that from “want” to “is going to be”... in time my friend. 🚀

Working for DC Statehood!

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