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Brian Wilson 

I'm house Wolfthorn! Fearless, loving, compassionate, I protect my friends with zeal and always look for deeper relationships. I also eat rabbits.

Cheesecake Factory never disappoints.

So this seems to happen every so often, usually associated with a moderately popular post. Do any of y'all get this a lot?

Low-stress work environment.

They're getting so big!!

Got to game today! Hooray! Lords of Waterdeep, which I won. :) something about stacking bonuses. Also played Fuji Flush and Kingdomino. Won my second game of Kingdomino so I was happy about that.

He legit didn't get enough mommy time. We found them when they were just a couple of weeks old. I feel bad, even though i know they have a much better life than they would have feral.

Family time.

This keeps happening.

He fell asleep like this.

Fireworks at the Mall of Georgia. The whole show!

Furbaby purrbaby

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