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Brian Wilson 

This is her causal pose. I've never had a cat just lay like this as a matter of course.

Nice URL. And month. #daveandbusters @daveandbusters what happened here, exactly?

They each have their own way of showing me they're glad I'm home. Not sure why she chose me sitting on the floor of the bathroom waiting to see if I've fixed a leaky toilet as our bonding moment, but I'm glad she did.

Behold the fields in which I grow my points. Lay thine eyes upon it and ye shalt see that it is barren. Sigh. My lowest #kingdomino score ever. Ah well.

First play through of At the Gates of Loyang solo, or indeed at all. The game is a bit more demystified for me now. 16 points, which isn't great but I'm happy for my first run through. Not sure why the neutral market stalls are as empty as they are; I was able to use one one time but not three. Idk.

Really enjoyed the beach on Tuesday.

This is what it's like. Every day.

Standards for feline beauty are unrealistic and it's in part due to unrealistically beautiful felines.

Thank you, imgur.

First picture with the new phone. Go figure.

$3.50 at Walgreens. Looking forward to checking it out.

They really love the spot behind the sink.

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