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Chris Levesque 

She was losing her shit before this song came on. I think we're raising a sociopath.

There should be laws against shit like this. Who let these two idiots leave the hospital with children? @panicstatebean

I give your Bane impersonation an 8/10.

Well here we are. I became a dad at 9:44 last night. This shit is surreal.

I did it. Had to do it. #grandmac #noregrets Next stop on the heart disease express, Rutherford, NJ. Fries for scale.

11' ceilings. 10.5' tree. Nailed it.

Thanksgiving made simple courtesy of @kitchenaidusa

Such a pretty girl

Literally zero original thoughts or ideas from the screaming nacho cheese golem. #fucktrump

iPhone 7 Plus depth effect is pretty dope.

Apparently it's only sexual assault if you're not famous. A true champion for women everywhere! #trump #trump2016

First off, fuck this book. The author of this book presumes that every man is a hopelessly unprepared fucking moron who, if left to his own devices, would leave a newborn baby locked in a car with the windows up in the middle of summer with some beer, a bag of beef jerky, and a can of Skoal while he went to lose his entire paycheck at the track. This is the most condescending piece of nonsense rag I'll never finish reading. Go fuck yourself buddy.
Secondly, we're having a baby.

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