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jason b. smith 👨🏻💎👀  Personal account @yesterdaysnewspaper. I collect, sell and photograph rare, tiny minerals. Weekly mineral auction here👇

Only 2 days left in this weeks auction of incredible specimens from the Kay Robertson collection. Pictured here left to right:
veszelyite from Montana
cinnabar from Alaska
curite from the Congo
senaite from Switzerland
Also offered are world class samples of kasolite, bjarebyite, segelerite, dioptase, tiptopite, rouaite, zektzerite, vanuralite, synchisite-Ce and many others! If you have a look at them I really appreciate it! Link in bio.

big crystals really aren’t my thing as you guys know.... but the feeling of finding any crystal is always the same. thanks @james_zigras for letting us come out and check out one of america’s greatest mineral treasures at the zigras mine. me and @sparroes had our pockets and buckets stuffed to the brim with quartz points.

Just 10 hours left for this auction of super rare Franklin/Sterling Hill, NJ minerals Part II! Featured are (L to R) gageite, labendulan, ojuelaite and legrandite in addition to very good examples of meta-ankoleite, hodgkinsonite, nasonite, mcgovernite, adelite, sarkinite, heulandite and numerous other rare species out of the Ted Bartels collection from this prolific locality. Link in bio and if you have a look I really appreciate it!

About 18hrs left on this auction of extremely rare and hard to find items from the famous Franklin/Sterling Hill deposits in New Jersey. Some incredibly rare things here from the Ted Bartels collection, many of which were purchased in the 50s and 60s from Ewald Gerstmann. Pictured here are great specimens of manganosite, hodgkinsonite, legrandite and liroconite. In addition are world class samples of sarkinite, kraisslite, mooreite, rhodonite, magnussonite, znucalite, gold and many others! If you have a look I appreciate it! Link in bio.

Glitter bomb! Exceptional small sample of pink rhodonite blades on yellow andradite from the famous Franklin/Sterling Hill, NJ zinc deposits. This locality boasts some 375 mineral species of which 73 were first described here! My auction this week features some amazing pieces from this famous deposit out of the Ted Bartels collection, including incredible rarities like liroconite, sarkinite, niahite, magnussonite, znucalite, nelenite, yeatmanite and many others! If you have a look I appreciate it! Link in bio.

There’s no greater joy for me than finding something unusual I can’t identify and finding out what it is after analysis. It’s a strange sort of excitement I can’t explain. This little crystal doesn’t look like much, but today I found out that it is the incredibly rare mineral nizamoffite -MnZn2(PO4)2(H2O)4. Only around 6 specimens exist from the original find at the Palermo Mine in New Hampshire, and I happened to find three specimens at The Foote Mine here in NC. I live for new discovery, and having three of something there are only 9 of is pretty startling when you consider the size of our planet. 1.7mm FOV.

Make sure and check out this weeks auction closing tomorrow that is host to some incredible specimens from the Kay Robertson collection. There are some world class specimens of roselite, boleite, diaboleite, ekanite, liroconite, griceite, azurite, tinsleyite, pseudolaueite and many others! Link in bio and thanks if you have a look!

A lot of people ask me, ‘you’ve seen so many different minerals, what’s your favorite one?’. Well, that’s a stupid hard question for me, but I’d have to say strengite. The number of habits, and environments this simple iron phosphate is found in is astounding, and finding a specimen yourself is always rewarding. This one is from Indian Mtn., Cherokee Co., AL. 4.8mm field of view.

Just a few days left in this weeks auction of really nice and really rare selections from the William Henderson collection of Mont Saint Hilaire minerals! In addition to the neighborite, caresite, labuntsovite-Mn and ancylite-Ce specimens pictured here are rare specimens of gmelinite, adamsite-Y, hilairite, ashcroftine-Y, monteregianite-Y, tsepinite-Na, tumchaite, manganokhomyakovite, and many many others! If you have a look I really appreciate it! Link in bio.

6 hours to go on this weeks auction! Some really good items up for grabs with many still only at $10! L to R
keyite - Tsumeb, Namibia
proustite - Germany
scawtite - Crestmore, CA
microlite - Virginia
Plus other rarities like sarkinite, petarasite, wakefieldite-Ce, papagoite, aiolosite, maucherite, narsarsukite, petersite-Y and many others! If you have a look I thank you from the bottom of my bucket. Link in bio!

How about something so rare that it can’t even be described? This is a new mineral species from the Foote Mine in NC that will probably never have a name. The neon green crystal at left is a strange aluminum, uranium phosphate. Problem is that I only found three specimens of it, and the crystals have poor XRD patterns because of partial dehydration. This is the best known specimen and is now in the collection of the LA Natural History Museum. The famous collector Neal Yeldin always said, ‘better to know what you had, than to have it and always wonder what it is’. Photo by Anthony Kampf.

no big deal just Clifford Frondel’s (cliffordite, frondelite) personal rock hammer with his name engraved on it.

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