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Sunday mornings, yellow tulips, stripes, and this little boy. These are a few of my favorite things.

Essley has decided that the only way to get around is to hop like a bunny - around the house, playing outside, when we're in a store, everywhere. And honestly, it looks kind of fun. Maybe I'll try hopping my way through Robbie's and my dinner date tonight and see what he thinks... 🌸 Can we also talk about that adorable @garnethillpics top and tulle skirt she's wearing? Yes please, springtime style.

I caught little man having a very serious conversation with Buddha. They were either discussing the Dharma or the PB&J sandwich he had just eaten for lunch, I'm not really sure. Either way, he sure looked cute in his organic cotton and bamboo @babymoriuk outfit. How about that little pocket on the bum? #MORImoments

Like I said a couple of days ago, until Chicagoland brings us some warmer temps and/or we get back to the desert in a couple weeks for vaca, I'm just going to keep posting pics from the last time we were there to remind myself that, despite the low of 27 degrees we'll be getting here tonight, bare legs and sandals and sunglasses will be a reality in the near future. 🌞 (And speaking of sunglasses, I'm sharing 10 favorites for under $30 on the blog today. Link in profile.)

Happy Birthday to the love of my life! Thank you Robbie for being such a kind, loving partner, and such an incredible dad to our kids. Also, you are one foxy babe.

I'm just going to keep posting pictures of myself frolicking in the desert until we finally get back there again in two weeks. Mama needs a vaca (and some freaking sunshine). 🌡🌞

It definitely does NOT look like spring around here, but Emmett doesn't seem to mind. In fact, he is absolutely mesmerized by the sight and sound of dead leaves on the trees rustling in the breeze (I'm a poet!). He's intently staring at them here, lovingly saying "ffffffff" in their direction to replicate the sound. My kids may make me want to sit in a corner and ugly cry some days, but they also teach me to find the beauty in everything - even dead, brown leaves on the first day of spring. And for that, my heart always feels full and grateful.

Mornings at Auntie Morgan's house. 🌞

Remember #fbf? And #widn? And the Nashville filter (that was my fave)? Ahhhh, days of Instagram past. Speaking of fall back Friday, I just came across this on my camera roll from one year ago when we were on vacation. She was so sweet and apprehensive about approaching the fountains which is so NOT how it would go down today. That dress would be soaked in 5 seconds and she'd be shrieking with excitement (and loudly). What a difference a year makes, man.

Happy (almost) St. Patrick's Day! I have a funny story about growing up in a very Irish place (Chicagoland) as a non-Irish person who it turns out was actually quite Irish but didn't find out until her 20s through the discovery of some secret papers... Yep. I'm sharing the story on the blog today (link in profile), along with this super easy, super delicious recipe for St. Paddy's Day inspired salsa verde, avocado, and spinach quesadillas. ☘

I am the least sporty person ever (I was a cheerleader once and remember feeling like I might genuinely die of boredom during the games), but this girl is into them all, man. She starts soccer in two weeks and asked me today when she can be on a football team. 😐 She is also way into ballet (she's taken dance since age 1.5), loves fashion and clothes, and she's obsessed with creating art, so I know she's partially my kid, but for real... πŸˆβš½οΈπŸ€βšΎοΈπŸ

Essley would eat cookies for every single meal if I let her. And while I would admittedly probably do the same if it was acceptable, and certainly don't mind my little ones eating the occasional treat, the ingredient list that usually goes into a cookie isn't exactly brimming with healthy foods. So I recently set out to make some cookies that were more wholesome, really delicious, and quick/easy without the mess. It seemed like a tall order, I know, but it happened. And these no bake chocolate @sunbutter cookies have quickly become the new favorites around here. Full recipe is on the blog today (link in profile.) πŸͺ Also - this recipe is peanut free, tree nut free, egg free, sesame free, soy free, and can easily be made dairy free. Hurray! #ad

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