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Bubblinaa  ✨BunBun✨ 💗Use code bubblinaa for 10% off: 🌈Syndrome,TtdEye,Sanrense,your-aesthetic🌈x#alternative 💙Married to @mohemothofficial 💙

I’m almost done with BOTW rip me. I go back to work tomorrow too 😭 but, it’s my bday soon I think ima b bar hopping that day 💗 that’s gonna b fun.

It’ll b ok

I jus wanna b a suicide girl

This 1 isn’t edited pretty bc I’m lazy hah

Someone said I’m like a main protagonist to a story today that always is hurt or bruised and I honestly feel that way bc today at work I just slid my finger across a rack and it sliced my finger open and I got something stuck somewhere and pulled it out & then I slammed my hand into something & it cut it and that was in 20 min of one another and then I had this literally disgusting bruise a few weeks ago and a stupid rolling stand thing I was pulling out and it cut my wrist across a vein a week or two ago and I think it’s scarred now and my work is trying to kill me.

Rip my instagram. U were nice when I had motivation & no job.

This is my 100% opinion for this company & product thanks for reading friens, also I rarely look cute so this is nice.
I got this cute af set from @ikepodusa and it’s really good quality, it’s heavy and warm 💗
For more animal friendly followers: I didn’t know the floof part is fur, so I recommend seeing their vegan options which I’m sure are just as good of a quality. They’ve been the nicest company to work with & only get scrap fur from other factories. (I’d still like to say to try their animal-less versions, but I appreciate them being more ethical than buying from people who harvest fur 💗)

I’m playing legend of Zelda & about to figure out if this giant green dragon will fuck me up or not. 🙏
I hope u liked my last photo that has no correspondence 2 my other photos.
Is gud separation photo.

yum, glowstick.

I legit don’t have time for makeup & I love these grunge looks but I just wanna do so much stuff and then I work & have no motivation & I feel sad about it so here’s this one & here’s to hoping for a super hot look tomorrow that will b eDgY as hell.

Is my hair c:

I worked 40 hours this week and by Monday night I will have worked 11 days in a row & even tho tbh I don’t care for my job, I’m super super happy to have money :,)

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