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Built The Traditional Way  Justin Walls: Welder/fabricator, Antique race bikes and cars are my thing. Preserving and recreating history: Contact:

I feel like I should clear this up; top bike, built in 1936 by Harley Davidson, and raced by one of the baddest dudes to ever throw his leg over a race bike(Joe Petrali). And also mine and @oldcrowspeedshop ONLY inspiration for this build. I’ve been referred to the black knuckle that is out there a hand full of times today, and it’s honestly the first time I’ve seen it, and it’s pretty obvious where he got his inspiration from as well, dude did a killer job making a road worthy rendition of the Patrali bike, or a bike that has the same feel anyway. My main goal; build a killer bike around an amazing motor, and go fast as shit on this thing once’s its all done! And push myself and my skills to the limits while doing so. Literally everything has been done before. Not trying to cop anyone’s style or get cool points for building it, this bike would be built exactly how it is, internet or not, show or no show, but I’m glad to be able to share it with everyone who is enjoying watching it come together, And grateful to have a killer venue to debut it to everyone in person. See you all in June at @bornfreeshow ! And most likely again out on the salt at speedweek! #raceonly #iwannagofast #bf10invitedbuilder

I know some of you guys are probably wanting an update, so here’s how she sits after another long weekend in the shop. Still a long way to go on the fairing, fine tuning and fitting it all, but you can see where We’re heading #bf10 #bf10invitedbuilder #bornfreeshow #bornfreex @bornfreeshow

Welcome to the family Lucy Mae, Congratulations @sarahm_moore and @cball1222 on another beautiful little girl. Lucy here is the 5th girl between my sister, my brother, and I, no boys lol

Back to our normal program. Finally got around to some custom cuts for a few buddies of mine on the waterjet. Some narrow vard trees for @wretched_hive out of 1.125” and a test cut for @jacobs_lader ‘s four spoke wheels he is making. So much going on around here, hard to keep up!

@bowenoutdoors got a killer shot of the storm that rolled through here yesterday, too cool not to repost! 📸 @bowenoutdoors

So apparently a tornado hit the front of my neighborhood, I’ve just been enjoying American racer by candle light with my phone off and without power, clueless anything major happened. Got my phone and had a message from my sis, apparently all kinds of shit went down, looks like I’ll be enjoying the candle light for a couple of days from the sound of it! Kae and I just missed it judging by the time lines, I took that video of the hail on the way home, pretty sure it hit right after we got home. Crazy! Hope everyone in gc is safe, were all good and taken care of 👍🏼#damnnatureyouscary

Got my wood buck all finished up, and started shaping some aluminum this past weekend. It’s all very roughed in, lots of work and planishing left once I build the sides and weld it all together, but we’re off to a good start. #bf10invitedbuilder #bf10 #bornfreeshow @bornfreeshow @oldcrowspeedshop

This bike isn’t going to have an “ugly side” #bf10invitedbuilder #bf10 #bornfree @bornfreeshow @oldcrowspeedshop

Roller coaster of a weekend, but progress was made, and goals were met! @bornfreeshow #bf10invitedbuilder #bornfreeshow #bf10 #raceonly #landspeed

Happy Monday everyone! Here’s a sample of more to come from @dudest_priest .. as you can see he’s doing a killer job documenting my @bornfreeshow build I am doing for @oldcrowspeedshop ..
#bf10invitedbuilder #bf10 #bornfreeshow

@sawilliams always finds the coolest pieces! Scott showed up at the shop today with this big cast aluminum Michelin man! Thanks again homie!

Step by step on how I duplicate castings(the hard way).. I still have a ton of grinding, shaping, and fine tuning to do to get it perfect, it is just roughed in right now, but you get the idea. 1) turn the neck tube by eye, using photos 2) cut out your plate to give the initial shape 3) add your webbing and root pass 4) build up your weld, I like to weave, keep it as uniform as possible to cut down on grind time 5) go to town with a die grinder. Last pic is the real deal #bf10 #bf10invitedbuilder #bornfreeshow @bornfreeshow

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