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btsjungkookie  I'm in love with 7 boys called Bangtan Sonyeondan but my bias is Jungkook and I post about him 24/7 so enjoy me fangirling

Hehe I'm backkkk -
Credit: @tae.ay -
Random ppl


I ❤️ this so much

I can't breathe 😂

Shout out to my best friend ever Alicia ❤️ after years I finally convinced her to love bts and make an account lmao @taetae_iixx

This is so disgusting. If you want your band to be recognized don't manipulate other groups. EXO is working hard so let them do it on their own. It's okay to support them ofc but this support is bringing them down. I'm sure they don't want their fans to be like this. Show more respect to the kpop community.

I've been so inactive lmao sorry

So i have gym for my last period and there's this girl.. Lets just call her Molly for now.
Molly grabbed my phone while I was changing and said "Why do you always have bts as your wallpaper?" Me: BITCH- AJDIEBRB GIMME IT BACK

So she just GLARED at me and then I realize.. How the hell did this girl know my pattern for my pass?!

Oh my- wait what- AKSNDIDN

This is late but DAY 3: I want ice cream.. 🍧🍦 🍨

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