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🔥 | @marriotthotels — Marriott: your ownership of so many hotel chains, from St. Regis to W Hotels to the Autograph Collection to Edition Hotels (to name a few), is a form of monopoly that governments should have prevented. @editionhotels is one of your owned brands that’s fantastic in many ways. I have been resident here at the New York property for over a week now. I have respected this hotel for months because of the beautiful design that @ianschrager guided but also because of security and privacy. On this particular visit, the elevators, which have always required a key to offer access to guest floors, have been unlocked for all floors for almost a week. I have asked several times about the reason with the explanation being that the elevators are being serviced. Please address this ridiculous nonsense of an excuse because guest security should never be compromised at the expense of modern elevators being serviced for almost a week with no service technicians on site, whilst you’re trying to figure out who hacked into your information systems, how they did it and why they did so (intention often answers everything else). Your incompetent technology and advisory suppliers, including @accenture, should be able to offer accountability of some kind. Good morning from NYC. 🍏

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👁 | No television needed if your hotel sofa entertains you.

🍎 | From the city of this (🔚) specific coloring of 🍏, goodnight — and goodbye — to you, @insecktorb. — You once responded, via an @instagram comment on my materially-significant video post on @deciem about me jokingly telling @realdonaldtrump that, about 40 years ago, a national security matter had then become an international security matter, disallowing me to spend time at @deciem’s store in San Francisco, because I was being previewed on moderately private, unauthorized videos of me being displayed at @thebatterysf hotel — an adventure that resulted in a message from me to a few viewers, a manager and a fat idiots who followed me to my rooms that sounded like it reads: “Good luck.” Their luck is still in progress, alongside the criminals they directly and/or indirectly supported. — But your comment to that post was a repetition of: “Cocaine is a hallelujah drug.”, possibly making you an accomplice. — There’s no hallelujah at all when it comes to cocaine. It’s a destructive, cheap non-drug that destroys lives, and makes a few “rich”, because it’s illegal instead of being controlled — a legal position that also caused the Brooklyn Bridge to shut down last week to trial a figure head. Please go away and follow @readersdigest, if they’re still around — a bit of cocaine might direct them toward better content.

📈📉 | My third post with respect to stock markets and investments whose original text from a few nights ago @instagram should have saved in draft is here. — There are very few things about which I and the Oracle of Obama, Warren Buffet, or any @oracle for that matter, would agree. In the case of Warren Buffett, we agree on 4 subjects: 1) if you have no clue about investments, or if you are exceptionally-well-versed on the subject, in either case, you’d likely achieve a better overall outcome by investing in a comprehensive index like Vanguard’s VOO, if you have money to invest, which most don’t, most of the time; 2) if you manage a public company, it’s best to keep the number of shares issued low so that the per-share price is high, as he has done so with Berkshire Hathaway (with ownership in select businesses varying in spectrum from as unreachable as NetJets to as available as (once) Gillette). Such practice keeps 3 types of investors safe: a) those who can’t afford even one share — in BH’s case, each share at over $315,000 currently; b) it minimizes timing-sensitive, fear-based losses because such investors are generally wealthy enough not to have to rush to sell if things take a more rapid downward direction than one allowing BH to sell its stakes at high gains or with no loss; c) it keeps naggers out. Investors who nag the most probably couldn’t afford to invest at all from the outset; — 3) if your company manages assets on behalf of investors, then less information clutter is better and the undersigned, art-betraying design of communicates this message well. If you want beautiful sales materials, explore a big bank’s managed portfolio offerings that typically underperform when compared to VOO at a much higher cost. — 4) if you believe in your product, simply talk about it. His letter on his website suggests that he doesn’t offer investment advice but one could save money by using GEICO instead of other insurers — every dollar saved is infinitely better than any dollar spent, despite both being a dollar. It’s the best investment advice. — We don’t agree on a lifetime spent talking about money.

💉 | @esteelaudercompanies has a recent track record of acquiring shares of businesses whose founders post social photos that look like they might be aligned with drugs as part of their marketing strategy or stragedy. — For example, they paid $1,450m (USD) for the eye-inspiring brand, @toofaced (mostly to private equity funds that nearly tripled their investment in about a couple of years as the founders had already largely sold their shares despite ongoing employment). Slide 4, used both on @jerrodblandino’s feed and the brand’s, showcases such possible strategy. As another example, they paid $50m (CAD) for 1/3rd of DECIEM’s shares while its revenues approached that of @toofaced in the following year, albeit in decades less time than it took @toofaced. Slides 1 and 2 showcase examples of such drug-aligned stragedy for @deciem when its founder was given his phone for a few hours in Canada for the first time after being “cared for” at St Michael’s Hospital for 10 days, under the excuse of drug-induced and/or persistent mania based solely on doctored, incomplete, misrepresented evidence from DECIEM. Slide 3 showcases other examples at St Thomas’ Hospital’s EMERGENCY unit for 12 days in London, but this time, the druggie, manic founder had his phone for longer but could post only on @btruaxe, because he no longer had access to @deciem, per a court order secured with doctored, incomplete misrepresentations in his absence. Slide 5 is a ghost slide filmed at Nightingale Hospital in London. It’s a ghost because DECIEM has deleted the product-focused post in which I was wearing a bright blue jumper that @nicolalkilner “loved”. Canada and UK laws don’t allow police to hold you for long without grounds, but bribed psychiatrists can hold you for 28 days — until a judge saw how psychotic the psychiatrists were. Mental health is so important and yet it is the fluffiest and most criminally-negligent field of medicine. I don’t seem to have mental issues in the USA despite the high frequency of my visits. — If you’re still a balloon-head, watch “Up!”. [ Oh, one difference to note: Unlike Too Faced, Brandon was clinically Two Faced, because he talked about crimes. ]

(🏳️ + 🏴) / 2 = 🏴‍☠️ | I would endorse democracy if each individual’s vote was assigned a weight directly proportional to an intelligence (emotional or practical) test just prior to voting. — The opposite of democracy is not dictatorship — it’s instead leadership that places PEOPLE as a whole first, whereas democracy places what people THINK as a whole first; even when such whole thought is selfish, dumb or criminal — and especially when such thought can be influenced so easily by millions of fake accounts. In short, most people never dedicate any time at all in their lifetime to think about anything worth a thought. — DECIEM’s current situation is precisely how business would be run if a democratic approach was applied; thanks to Business 099 and very clear agreements, it’s all in breach of everything at the moment at DECIEM, and also coincidentally illegal (new crimes in support of and to distract from old crimes). — [[ Before my current polar switches and I forget, I was “interrogated” in my sleep last night and the night before by a complex brain scanner on much bigger issues. I now know my next dream job. It’s for the position of 00B for the first government (I mean 🇺🇸) that sees merit in such a position — and I don’t mean a circumcised edition of 00Brandon. Intelligence about business is perhaps the most important form of intelligence, because capitalism can allow groups of powerful businesses to have more influence than the government itself, leading to the modern-day slavey that’s hiding in front of all slaves. If DECIEM was solely in countries without strength and intelligence, I would have been murdered, by “natural causes”, in the past few months, in contrast to feeling most excited despite moderate, temporary hair loss (more soon). I’m so confident that one of the most positive revolutions in our would is on the horizon that I’ll go back to Iran if I’m wrong — a much more efficient way to be murdered, given the circumstances. This textual content is in the most politically-correct format in terms of wording and message, to be seconded by only my next post, which will offer, non-arguably, my most politically-correct wording to-date.

🛸 | What a coincidence — It involves 10 times 10 stars, it’s a hurricane, it’s “pointed straightforwardly at our excellent neighborhood” and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. — There’s also abnormal stuff. I’m lucky, judging by a few comments, that my followers won’t complain about my Wikipedia-sponsored non-education about quantum chromodynamics. @wikipedia: thank you for: “In particle physics, CP violation is a violation of ... charge conjugation parity symmetry. ... [and] the strong CP problem is the puzzling question of why quantum chromodynamics does not seem to break CP-symmetry. ... The axion is a hypothetical elementary particle postulated by the Peccei-Quinn theory in 1977 to resolve the strong CP problem.” — This hurricane has an abnormally-high chance of “detecting axions”. Analysts propose “that the nearness of a dark matter tropical storm could build the odds of a location of an axionic dark matter because of conceivable knocks in the expansive range of axions. — [[ Writing of axions made me think of a few axioms I have been talking about recently that have been treated more like asylum-certified hypotheses for a while, now on their way out of their closet, just in time for the hurricane that looks blue in the image. ]]

🏖 | @deciem has so much in common with 🇮🇷: its President was Iranian and a bunch of incompetent thieves tried to “oust” him maybe to repeat the sucksays Iran enjoyed in the aftermath. — But @deciem concurrently, unexpectedly and remarkably has so much in common with 🇺🇸: its President (not the fake interim one) has no history in politics like @realdonaldtrump and both think December would be a good time to shut down to avoid the Iranian sucksays story. [[ I have never understood spring cleaning well. It’s better to clean in the winter when it’s cold outside — and it’s always best to be early, for cleaning or for tea. ]]

☎️ | Jonathan — I met Pasquale Cusano in 2006 when I noticed a minor hyphen in his con-flicts. As a kid, I involuntarily developed a strong sense of magnetism to unnecessary minor things, especially unnecessary hyphens which are far less forgivable than missing hyphens. In this case, this magnetism was costly: 13 years for me — and a number of years to be determined soon for Pasquale. — I have tremendous respect for you. Please ask @gowlingwlg_ca to provide a written response to my reasonable and “fair” request so that I can confirm that the hyphen I’m sensing in this con”-“flict is hallucinatory in nature and not related to any crimes of Pasquale and @esteelaudercompanies. Thank you.

🎥 | I apologize in advance for 5 matters: 0) that this video offers a joke; please don’t waste time offering a YouTube signup tutorial; 1) the delay in posting my third post about stock market matters — the one @instagram should have saved in draft; 2) the directness (means abnormal loudness, as measured in decibels or equivalent units of measurement) of several upcoming videos; this adjustment in tone is a mild side effect of a few bad things some people in line for prison allocation have done to me recently, as you might understand in due course; 3) the introduction of several YouTube and Issuu accounts for better communication, with each account offering a clear audience rating as follows: NRR (Not Rated R) and RR (Rated R); 4) if you post a comment that reflects you’re dumb, I’ll likely respond in such a manner to magnify your dumbness — more so than usual. — Side Notes: a) @esteelaudercompanies: Advise Justice Penny that a) Brandon believes that Andrew Ross and others from your firm might go to prison soon; b) He is certain that Pasquale Cusano and others from his firm will go to prison soon; c) He is certain that a few employees of @deciem will go to prison soon, at the very least for perjury; d) He has begun communicating in a more cocky fashion than even @realdonaldtrump, even though he is no longer the president of DECIEM, let alone that of a country with a “big[ger]” “button” like the United States; furthermore, Brandon believes that @realdonaldtrump would endorse this cockiness given the circumstances; e) He believes that several legal firms and Justice Penny himself, as well as several doctors and hospitals will be investigated; f) His “release” from the hospital wasn’t as a result of any psychiatrist’s blessing; it was as a result of the judicial system advising the most illiterate, incoherent medical system to go back to grade school, before going forward to prison; I’ll make every endeavor to expose the most negligent — in this case, criminal at the very least — part of “medicine”. — @nicolalkilner, @maireaddgraham, @bmnte, Neha Gupta: you’re first in line for in-depth analysis. Stephen/Danielle Kaplan: hi.

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