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Betsy  DC/London: married to a Brit, bossed by our Lab; arts fundraiser, enthusiastic nester, lapsed runner, left-wing Jewpiscopalian #lovetrumpshate

first @nationals game of the season! #natitude #gonats #nationals

halfway through a 2.5 day team reset at work πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ (close-up crop of a Markus Lupertz painting at @phillipscollection)

there are not enough expletives in the world right now.

the colors of summer

sorry to post two Charlie photos in a row but we just heard thunder and he is NOT happy about it.

just got home after doing a few hours in the office and I went to lie down for like ONE SECOND but Charlie came to join me and now he's fast asleep so I can't move and, well, I guess that's that for today then πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

guys, the senate's "healthcare" bill is *not* dead yet. if we don't kill it this week, the GOP will vote to "give" millions of Americans the "choice" between bankruptcy and death. is that what freedom and opportunity mean to you? if not, call your senators! tell them how a repeal of the ACA without any replacement will affect you and your friends and family - and tell them that any replacement that doesn't take care of the most vulnerable in our country isn't a solution at all to the ACA's problems.

not pictured: all the grated parm I dumped on top of this after taking the photo

made our first purchase today to start turning the study into a nursery! NOT ONLY did we buy exactly what we wanted at Ikea BUT ALSO we didn't get anything else AND ADDITIONALLY we picked out what we're going to get on a later trip for another phase of the transition. πŸ‘πŸΌ to this guy, who a) hates Ikea and b) did all the assembling himself while I tried to figure out how my back can hurt so dang much despite not the fact I don't actually have a bump yet.

spent an hour rained into @politicsprose and managed to only get four books. good self-restraint, right? πŸ“š top to bottom: science fiction written 20 years ago about space travel, contact with extraterrestrial life, and religion; a new novel written as the diary of an Amish farmer set after the collapse of modern civilization; the galley of a debut novel described as Isaac Beshevis Singer meets Jonathan Sacramento Foer, out in September; and the galley of a post-apocalyptic novel, also out in September, about the relationship between freedom and fear.

six months and two days ago, I made my first protest sign. I've been to more than half a dozen protests and rallies since then, so to everyone who said we'd burn out after the @womensmarch, hear this: we're not even close to giving up the fight for equality, justice, opportunity, and freedom for all. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ#6monthssincewomensmarch #resist

fueling up before heading to the office for meetings πŸ…πŸ₯‘ #whereisthebagelemoji (remember how I'm supposed to be in one day and working from home home days per week? that ratio has been reversed this week. I thought I was going to save so much money on commuting! at least it's flexible enough we don't need the dog walker every day...)

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