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B. Thom Stevenson

I made a few shirts with @junyawatanabeofficial . They did a really nice job translating the dimensionality of the original drawing.

A Peacock in the Shade of a Bush in Bloom, 2018
Enamel on paper

Hand knotted wool rugs 60” by 84”. Each an edition of 5. Available through @v1gallery

I made a limited run of shirts, hand screened socks and a 218 page zine for @stancesocks they all come together in a box set and a portion of the sale goes to @widerainboworg
you can buy it online or in nyc at 510 Broadway. The quantities are super limited. I worked on this vid with the very talented @daledoyle there’s a longer format that I am going to post on IGtv later this week we used a bunch of still shots by @sicknethi in there too. I’m super pumped on how this came out. Thanks to everyone at Stance for making this happen!

@ccommunee COMMUNE (re)opened a new gallery space in Hatagaya, Shibuya.
I have the honor of being one of the 25 artist to create a riso-print for their first exhibition, “LIVE WITH LOVE THROUGH ART”. I made a four color riso print of one of my newer paintings with a message scrawled on the wall underneath that reads "2018 - Make Your Choice! Select Your Destination! The Journey is a Gift!"
Then it says my name.
Just imagine hanging this on your wall in your bedroom and waking up everyday to such a positive message! LOL! -or- take your bathroom mirror off the wall, throw it away, and put this print there instead. You can brush your teeth and practice this mantra instead of looking at your own beautiful face.
Ok if you are still reading this and if you are over there please go check out their new shop/gallery.
Or if you are over here DM them to get a print.

2018.7.7 sat - 7.31 tue

at gallery commune
1-18-7 NIshihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

open: Weekdays 14:00 - 20:00
Sat/Sun/Holiday 12:00 - 18:00
closed: Wed/Thu

Participant Artists:
Ben Rayner
B.Thom Stevenson
Clint Woodside
Coley Brown
Dan Monick
Ed Davis
Jeffrey Cheung
Jen Shear
Jim Mangan
Kei Minamoto
Kevin Harris
Lennard Kok
Lilian Martinez
Saki Obata
Sam Ryser
Sannah Kvist
Shiori Ikeno
Shuntaro Takeuchi
Tetsuya Yamakawa
Tim Lahan
Vinnie Smith

A 2008 study by Colorado State University social psychologist William Szlemko found that people who put bumper stickers on their cars, no mater the message, are drastically more aggressive drivers. This new series of paintings, "LANDSCAPES", is a break from my usual practice of painting in the vertical format. I was attracted to the idea of the bumper sticker shape and the curt message implied by this format. I am interested in the idea of the bumper sticker as BOTH an object AND a complex idea boiled down to a maximum of three lines, printed on vinyl, and transversing the physical landscape at 60 miles an hour. A two dimensional image of a four dimensional idea.
You can see these enamel paintings in raw canvas in person in the Netherlands @devlieghaarlem or in Brooklyn @galeriemanque

Fever Dreams, 2018
Oil on linen
20 by 16 in

Metaphors of the Human Image, 2018
Oil on linen
20 by 16 inches

3” by 4” by 2” (two parts)
Edition of 10 with two APs

I made my first bronze sculpture for the Ashtray show at @fisherparrish gallery opening this Friday.

I’m super excited about it.

It’s called "Kevin" because it really looks like my little brother Kevin, and he smokes cigarettes even though I wish he wouldn’t. Tell him to quit: @teenageslang
You don’t have to use it for cigarettes tho. You can put jewelry in it or loose change, or your stash, or throw it in a lake for some future archeologist to find. It’s only $250 bucks. See you Friday the 22nd!

Into Resistance, 2018
20 by 16 inches
Oil on Linen

Prevent Doomsday, 2018
Oil on linen
20” by 16”

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