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Theodore Guerra 

"Your talent can take you places your character can't keep you."
2017 was a set back & 2018 will be a comeback, all for that 2014 dream.
#skwaats #tracknation

A small portion of todays workout. Mainly messed around since it's a Friday. Starting Monday anyone interested in joining us is welcomed to contact us whenever. This isn't even a quarter of what we actually train like so please feel free to get involved and try it out.
#Calisthenics #workout #TheChosenOnes #tires #verticaljump #weightedvest #notfullvideo @casual_calisthenics @anna_bailey

Surround yourself by those who motivate you and be the reason others are motivated. Although I enjoyed the LONG rest, it's time to show the world what's capable. 2020 dream chasin.
#tracknation #400mDash #motivated #outlawlaboratory #VigorousAthletix

What's a superman push up?
#VigorousAthletix #OnTheComeUp #pushup

Cha Boii doing a Ten Toes Down Challenge Post for 90 likes
Photo cred: @gingahjanjan

Motivation really doesn't mean as much as the world wants you to assume. It's nothing besides a hype man almost. It gets you going, it gets your blood pumping, it's how everyones story begins. Adrenaline and start isn't the secret to success though. It's your drive, your hunger, your passion, your purpose, your will to not accept what others call your best because you know your best is not the best when better is possible. Im not where I need to be and Im nowhere near what's expected of myself, but progress is progress check the picture.
#tracknation #outlawlaboratory #iamanoutlaw #bealegend #beaoutlaw #400mDash

When I grow up I wanna professionally run in a circle
#TrackNation #SeniorSunday

When you're scared to take #SeniorSunday pictures because you know your dumbass will be back next year!

She said, "Let's drop a mixtape!"

Because money comes money goes,💵👈💵👉 People switch to funny roles,
Anyone will tell you that one good girl's worth 20 hoes!

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