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Scott Harrison  I got in at the tail end of when it was good.


DRUGS, GUNS, AND THE PHILOSOPHY OF PIMPING!!! Ethereal being Mellenium [ @iammellenium ] talks about success, drug houses, women, and Spider-Man's symbiotic suit. If you haven't been listening to my show because you hate all that New Age, woo woo crap, this might be the show for you. It's a good one. Disturbing in parts and not at all uplifting. NSFW and all that. Find it on iTunes or at themirrorcave.libsyn.com. [photo by @hobrochromosphere ]

Don't know why I'm suddenly reminiscing. The past sucked. Now is pretty good.

Another one from the distant past...

Mr. Lucky. Egg tempera from 1998 or so.

In the days when civilians only wanted bio mech rip outs and chrome, before @jeremyrossarmstrong had attained puberty, there was B. S. Welt. #fbf #RIPWELT

This episode touches on both kinds of pagans, the nature worshipping kind and the motorcycle kind. Danielle Dulsky is a witch, yoga teacher and author whose dad was a biker and whose mom was a born again Christian. She talks about becoming a witch, how a dysfunctional sex magick coven broke up her marriage, and how she found her money men in a cave. She was really fun to hang out with. Check it out on iTunes or at www.themirrorcave.libsyn.com
Photo by @hobrochromosphere

When I first met Ed Hardy, he said, "I never tattooed too many rock stars, but I tattooed Werner Herzog." Rossy De Palma is my downscale version of that. She was so fucking intense and cool. One of those windows into an inaccessible dimension of society where everyone is smarter and more alive than you and your stupid friends. #tbt

SOUL CRUSHING CLINICAL DEPRESSION! Weirdly, some people (I call them "lightweights") have never experienced it. Well, this show might shine some light on it for those people. Anyone who's stared at their shoes unable to work up the necessary joie de vivre to put them on will relate to at least some of this story of paralyzing sadness. Yoga helped for a minute. Listen on iTunes or at themirrorcave.libsyn.com [photo by @hobrochromosphere ]

Christian Ricketts is a stand up comic in Portland. He discusses working in an office, bombing on stage, and does an eloquent job describing Vipassana meditation technique. It's not funny. [photo by @hobrochromosphere ]

THIS IS NICE!!! I'm back from rainbow gathering where no money is exchanged, in the land of filthy lucre and soap. There are new paintings up for sale on weltworld.com, including this one, which, as mentioned previously, is nice.

PLEASE BE PATIENT! I'm spending the holiday with the rainbow people, so I won't be transacting business for a week. There will be some pretty nice paintings for sale then.

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