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Becca Scheuer  tasteful nudes // doggin and joggin to raise 💸 for @angelcitypits ⬇️🐕

My valentine Mugsley💜I wish I knew what was going on in this little cheeto's head. When he came to my house, we imagined it would be a quick stay for some basic manners installation. It didn't quite work out like that; instead, a far more complex picture revealed itself, full of complicated behaviors and some likely medical factors thrown in the mix. Mugsley is going to need all of our support as we get to the bottom of what makes him uniquely him: a smart, sweet, stubborn, impulsive, fearful, playful, curious dog. @angelcitypits is committed to doing right by this funny boy. The immediate next step is a consult with the neurologist to get a better idea of what, if any, underlying conditions may be contributing to his behavior. And lots and lots of behavior modification with our friend Mr. Peanut Butter Spoon. If you'd like to send Mugsley some love and support on this unexpected journey, you can make a donation to the link in my profile toward my running fundraiser. In return he sends a lot of full butt wiggling, french-fry-tail wags your way.

oh WHATEVER mugsley, who even cares!!!

man, we just really like to play 🤸‍♂️i think playgroups are my favorite addition to the @angelcitypits program of late. the dogs get to be dogs and learn from each other. we get to know them better so we can make great matches for adopters. and for some dogs, it helps them build social skills they didn’t have when they entered our program, opening up more possibilities for their futures. (you can help support more fun for more dogs by making a donation toward my fundraising page for @angelcitypits - link in da bio)

mugsley is the teenage son of a silicon valley billionaire and raised himself playing video games, shitposting on reddit, and postmating mcdonalds 50 nug buckets to his room whenever he wanted. now he’s learning some more useful skills so he can pass the SATs and put his big brain to good use. he’s cute and sweet and very smart so pretty soon you should be able to #AdoptMugsley

*manufactured 2019 optimism courtesy of behind the scenes hot dogs

these should all be snoop.

based on the shape of her nose and the tiny snorts she inserts into most activities, i am suspicious that livvy may actually be an anteater—one of those ones that’s a playgroup rockstar, loves to cuddle, is great in the house, and has a radiantly kind heart. i don’t know if most landlords allow those but you may as well try to slip through the cracks and #AdoptLivvy

please enjoy this semiannual posting of mila the cat. our relationship is mostly professional—she helps me cat test my fosters and i occasionally put food in her bowl—but today we get to be friends and i’m not afraid to say it: having a rumbly cat on your belly is a nice thing. if you wanna fight about it i’ll fuckin fight anyone. name a time and place

christmas teddy bear Harris is here to remind you that if you’re still trying to think of great gift ideas or need some stocking stuffers, he can help with that. you can make a donation to my @angelcitypits fundraising page (link in bio, babes) and Harris will send you a cute pic (or pics) and story about an angel city foster dog to give as a gift for your friends and fam. then you can get back to focusing on pushing the human body to its limits with your gingerbread consumption. and yes you can also #AdoptHarris

a holy image from Patch’s Very Merry Patchmas Pizza Patchstravaganza. the real reason for the season if i may

playgroups make us happy 🤸‍♀️ (link in bio to support all these grinners)

you know when ppl write “breed experience preferred/required” when they are promoting an adoptable dog and it’s kinda like ¿¿¿¿ cuz every dam dog in the universe is different? well, i’ve changed my tune. you absolutely MUST have breed experience if you want to adopt patch. the breed is “adult baby cow” and PLEASE do not waste my time !!!! if you do not have the goods 🐄🐄🐄#AdoptPatch

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