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Bernadette Sembrano-Aguinaldo  "A world without strangers":)

My idea of a perfect day :) pamper day @studiofixbyalexcarbonell . #breflects strive to do the things that spark joy. Do less but do more of what you love . This is it.

#bconversations Lady: Maam nagwowork out ba kayo Me: OO. Lady: wow, ang Galing naman kasi SA EDAD NIYONG YAN fit pa kayo! Heheheh I used to tell my titas sa gym how great they look for their age ! Now I am that Tita :) I have arrived ! :) #bfitandhealthy it still is an aspiration for me to enjoy a good quality of life - healthy and active -when I reach my senior years . Sana balang araw people would say - I can’t believe you’re 80 ! :) we strive to be #ageless ;)

10,000 steps a day is all it takes to be healthier . Ive learned to keep My active lifestyle SIMPLE. Just walk , and walk fast ! :) as i said - this is My default workout when My sked gets too hectic ( such as today ) no excuses ! Consistency is Key. Move it :) i was inspired by a Senior citizen who walks 10,000 steps a day For The past few months - and like a miracle - his cholesterol levels improved ! #bconversations #bfitandhealthy

Bike ? Maybe someday :) For now i shall walk ... a lot ! :)

#simplejoys when your Photographer-turned-pilatesteacher gives you an Old photo She took more than a decade ago !!! Does anyone remember this ? A valuable lesson in today’s practice “BREATHE” . When things get tough remember to BREATHE . #lilen Thank you, For today in Many many ways @optionsstudiomanila #breflects

#bsimplejoys include test driving a comfortable minivan #hondaodyssey #hondaquezonavenue . Feeling first Class !

Be comforted that Jesus is praying for us . #biblediary #breflects what does praying For each other mean? Is it literally more potent to have prayer warriors ? Why do we have prayer petitions? I dont know the efficacy of praying as a community , but what i do know is How reassuring it is to have someone on your Side , to be with you , even in thought and prayer. “Hindi ka nag-iisa” . “Nandito lang kami” . That comfort, i believe, is Grace from The Spirit. In prayer, we share In God’s grace. When was The last time you said a prayer For someone ? I ask For your prayers.

Advocating Bring your own Water bottle #bringyourownwaterbottle For several reasons 1) to monitor How many liters you drink in a day ( we need 8 to 12 ) 2) saves time and resource washing glasses ( Not Just your time but others too ) 3) saves you Money !!! I really cant see why we should Not Give it a try ! #bfavoritethings try it :) small things make a difference !

Did you vote ? Ang pagboto ba para sa yo ay obligasyon, responsibilidad o pribilehiyo o wala lang ? WHY?

Happy Mother’s Day sa Nanang namin :) we Love you mama Elaine ;) kayo na ang close ;) LOL maligayang kaarawan ulit sa aking mister ! :) Love you both very much !!!!

Spot the difference ! Ganda ng selfie phone ni @alvinelchico hehehe lakas maka feeling maganda :) happy Mother’s Day to all !!!! By the way - bought myself a Mother’s Day gift too :) heheheh this #fitbit #alta activity tracker ! I love it ! So far so good ! How can you go wrong with a gift of health ! So many brands of activity trackers to choose from! Get yourself one !!!

Asawa ko :) Happy birthday !!!!!! And i Love you ! :)

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