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Briohny & Dice  Providing inspiring and diverse trainings to educate people on the power of modern yoga. Join us for our next 200hr training, Thailand, June 2018. ⬇️


I look like shit in this picture but it doesn't matter. I'm still posting it because it's really me...especially when I'm teaching 2 trainings back to back with barely any days off. Immersed in yoga and connecting with people, marinating in my own sweat...that sounds like heaven...really. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to guide yogis through transformational experiences every year because, through each person I connect with, each journey I am apart of, I grow and learn. Come transform with us...#bryceyogatt

Imagine doing this in a circle with 50 other yogis?!? Community building is a key component part to expanding your offerings as a teacher. On top of all of the yoga-ing we get into at our Beyond Bryce 300hr Teacher Training, we also have a ton of fun! Sign up for our training by clicking the link in our bio. #beyondbrycett 📸 @actionhiro

Hey! Dice here 🎲This Instagram thing has never been easy for me but I'm starting to get better at it. I guess the idea of connecting with people has always felt a bit uncomfortable for and that vast IG world out there can be a bit overwhelming. But, ...over the course of the past year, I've come to realize just how important it is to connect with others through the wonderful platform that is IG, and even bigger, connect more with those in my immediate community. Thank you all for supporting everything that we do. It's much appreciated 🙏Nothing but love for you all! @diceyoga ❤️😘

Students are always curious about our dynamic now that we are separated. It's not a normal situation for two people to get along after or during a break. But, if we truly love one another than being supportive is the key to understanding right?!? Not only do we teach yoga at our trainings but we are also helping guide yogis on a path to a better relationship with themselves, in turn bettering relationships with others. Click the link in our bio for training info. 📸 @actionhiro #yogateachertraining #bryceyoga #bryceyogatt #relationshipgoals

One of the best things about our Yoga Teacher Trainings is that they are kid friendly! You can immerse yourself in Yoga and not be away from your kids for too long! Sound good? click the link in our bio...early bird discounts from $500-$1000 ending soon! 📸 @actionhiro

Taking this pic was SO funny! What you see is the opposite of the truth. Dice was pretending to work hard and I'm pretending the balancing on him is easy. Either way...it was hilarious and fun! Fun is something that I find many yogis forget to have when they teach or even practice. There is value in structure and dedication but I check myself when I get too serious as I find it makes me rigid. What are your thoughts on the different between structure and rigidity? #yogathoughts #balance #fun #relationshipgoals 📸 @actionhiro Wearing @aloyoga

One of my favorite effects of practicing Yoga is that is slows the mind down enough to help us busy minded people see and appreciate the beauty around us...even when things seem less than perfect. What has yoga helped you realize? #bryceyoga #bryceyogatt PS. Isn't @diceyoga's face hilarious?!?

This was one of the funniest pics to coordinate but relatively easy because each one of us knew the responsibility of each shape. That's what I love about Acro yoga. In yoga, we learn how to connect with ourselves. Acro yoga allows for us to implement what we learn on the mat with others and in situations off the mat. Has your Acro practice helped you? 📸 @actionhiro Wearing @aloyoga

It wasn't easy getting to where we are in our relationship as co parents and business partners. People often tell us they are rooting for us to be together...especially when people spend time with us at our trainings and see how comfortable and happy we are. I think it confuses them...if we are happy together then why aren't we TOGETHER?!? The answer is quite simple...in this moment, it is the space we've given each other that helps us appreciate the time we have together. Rather than placing a bunch of expectations on the other, we take care of ourselves and try to accept the other for who they are...not what we need them to be. Yoga has helped us so much with this! How has yoga helped you in your relationships? 📸 @actionhiro

How many of you yogi couples out there have fought while trying to do Acro Yoga together? Our Acro journey has been so eye opening! When @diceyoga and I first started trying Acro many years ago, we fought all of the time and blamed each other. It was a true reflection of our inability to look within ourselves and access our own responsibilities in the situation. Our communication skills were horrible and it really stunted our ability to trust one another in the practice...which is really the heart of it. After we separated, we gave each other the opportunity to practice our skills with other people and now I trust him more than most! Our Acro practice is now an even truer reflection of our relationship...trusting, respectful, communicative and enjoyable!! Share your Acro stories in the comments! 📸 @actionhiro Wearing @aloyoga

I don't always get jet-lag when I travel...in fact, I'm only effected when my kids are. This trip back home from Thailand has been pretty rough on our sleep and we've been awake most of the night, only sleeping between 5am-11am! Then I realized I wasn't being smart and proactive with my health because we had run out of many of our herbal tinctures and vitamins during the trip. So, yesterday we got back on a steady regimen of vitamins ands herbs and we are already feeling better! How do you keep yourself healthy when you travel? Thanks @smartyhealth for the yummy vitamins! #healthy #healthymom #healthyfamilyhappyfamily

How do we use an ancient tradition like Yoga in this modern day? This is a concept that many yogis (and non yogis) grapple with. Some of the yoga traditions like Bramacharya (abstinence) or Aparigraha (non-attachment) take a level of practice and focus that can be much like monk hood. But these days, we can take the basic concepts and translate the yoga traditions in ways that are basic guidelines to leading a happy and authentic life.
How does yoga serve your life?

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