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Briohny & Dice  Providing inspiring and diverse trainings to educate people on the power of modern yoga. Join us for our next 200hr training, Thailand, June 2018. ⬇️

Bye LA, see you in 26 days! Off we go to our next 300hr training which is our second one this year. Can't wait to share our modern interpretation of this ancient practice of Yoga to 45 yogis! How do you think Yoga has changed to adapt to this modern world? #modernyoga #bryceyogatt #yogateachertraining #yogateacher 📸 @mikiash

I know I speak for both Dice and I when I say that our students are our inspiration. Each time we teach trainings and spend almost a month connecting with people, we also learn! It is a true honor to be a part of someone's yoga path! Thank you to @yitianlv and all of our 2017 200hr trainees for sharing with us! Can't wait to meet all of our 300hr yogis!! #blessed #grateful #yogateachertraining 📸 @actionhiro

@mathieuboldronyoga took our very 1st 200hr YTT 5 years ago. Since then, he has invested most of his time and money in immersing himself in the ancient practice of yoga and the art of teaching it. He is the most passionate yogi we've ever met and could make a piece of white bread interesting...which is why he's so good at sharing yoga philosophy & traditions. Now, we have the pleasure of teaching along side him and, in many way, he teaches us now! Can't wait to share our knowledge in our 300hr starting next week and to co-teach oil 2018 trainings with this incredible guy! Interested in learning how to incorporate yoga philosophy into your teachings without boring your students? Come to our trainings!!! Link in bio ❤️❤️ 📸 @actionhiro

When we work on our physical strength through the yoga practice, there comes an intersection where you can choose to start allowing the yoga to influence your emotional journey too... that is where the Yoga of life begins. #bryceyogatt #yogateachertraining #digdeep Wearing @aloyoga

Thank you @wanderlustfest Squaw Valley for a whirlwind of yoga, nature, and amazing music. We love teaching at Wanderlust because we get to connect with so many teachers and students through our classes and we also have the space and opportunity to have some fun taking other classes and enjoying all of the various mindful activities! Now it's off to Thailand for our 300hr training! Can't wait to meet everyone and share this journey with you all!! #wanderlustfestival #yogacommunity #bryceyoga #bryceyogatt

I'll admit, I've never been entirely independent. I come from a very tight knit family and we are together all of the time. I don't think that's bad, but I do find myself acting co-dependent in many aspects of my life. I've travelled the world teaching with Dice but as I begin my own journey and start to teach on my own again more (we still teach together quite often), it is scary. But I know I will grow and I'm eager to see what independence feels like. I think that most people who decide to take a teacher training are in a similar place. A place full of unanswered questions, curiosity and looking for a change. How many of you are in that place now? #yogateachertraining #bryceyogatt #spiritualgrowth
#independentwoman #travelingyogi 📸 @jake_paul_white Wearing @aloyoga

In our teacher trainings, we teach Yoga teachers how to survive and be successful in the current environment of our industry with the help of branding expert @jake_paul_white (pictured here). So, on top of Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Kriya, Kirtan and Philosophy, we also teach business. The business of yoga now relies heavily on social media. That doesn't mean you have to want to be famous, social media is a wonderful tool to build your community...even if it's your local community. It's so interesting to see the insecurities that arise in people when we speak about social media. I understand because I feel how it can suck our time and make us feel bad about ourselves. But, much like we create boundaries for the negative in other parts of our lives, we can do the same with social media. I remind our students that social networks can be the platforms for inspiration and we have the power to shape our experience of Instagram or Facebook. Being judgemental about using social media and then using it yourself to scroll and judge others is such a waste of time. Open up, let go of the fear and try to see the beauty of community and support. Have you gone through tough times with your social media use? #yogateachertraining #bryceyogatt #socialmedia #socialmediatips #inspiration 📸 @diceyoga

While we believe that Yoga's benefits are way beyond just the physical...Asana is more accessible for most people than the other limbs so if that's what gets people started, that's amazing! In the beginning of my practice, it was the Asana that drew me in. But, overtime, I realized that it had worked it's way into other parts of my life and I found myself choosing healthier options for my body and mind. How has Yoga changed your life? @smartyhealth #yogalife #healthychoices #family

It's funny how life works. It can be incredibly difficult to see clearly when your own emotions are standing in the way. Dice and I removed our expectations of one another from our relationship and have had the clearest most respectful communication we've ever had. This last training, 25 days of supporting one another and not 1 fight, is a true testament that 2 people can change the way they interact with one another and stop that negative cycle of blame. #modernfamily #bryceyogatt #yogifamily 📸 @jake_paul_white wearing @aloyoga

It's graduation day and we couldn't be prouder of all our newly graduated yogis. We showed up, got real, cracked open, harnessed our power, trusted, supported, cared, cried, hugged and held each other. It was fun and hard, educational but confronting. -
This past month has truly been a life changing experience and each and everyone of you has impacted our lives and helped us grow. For that, we are filled with gratitude. Thank you for dedicating this time to us and to yourself. You will always be apart of the Bryce family. We are looking forward to following your yoga journey and seeing you again.

It's the final day of #thebrycejournal and the theme is reflection. Journal writing is a powerful tool for deepening mindfulness as it helps to clarify and refine thoughts and emotions, and bringing you into the present moment. Like meditation, journal writing helps to clear the mind by transcribing emotional clutter. The writer becomes a witness to his or her past behaviours which then paves the way for fresh thought and perspective. The purpose of reflection is to learn for present and future action. Reflection can help us refine our purpose, and work towards it with renewed determination. If we start from a place of compassion, we can use reflection to understand and grow. We would like you to use #thebrycejournal to reflect on your time with us this month. Pick a moment, a feeling, a revolution, a shift, a transformation, or a realization to share with us. We are looking forward to reflecting with you. Lens: @mikiash

Tonight we are celebrating our students dedication and commitment to themselves as we come to the end of your July 200hr yoga teacher training in thailand. Celebration gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the present moment and really let go and enjoy yourself. Wearing: @aloyoga lens: @actionhiro
What does celebration mean to you?

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