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bryce drew  probably humming too loudly oops songwritaaaa

hey LA🌴🤘🏼
catch me out playing this week

2/21 @ The Whiskey Lounge at MIRO • 8 pm
2/22 @handbagfactoryla • 7 pm

me and my brother being alllll fancy shmancy this weekend ❤️

🌵✨🌞 desert dancer 🌞✨🌵

I talk about music a lot. I think about music a lot. I love it so damn much it can sometimes be frustrating. People ask me how I am and what I’ve been up to and all I have to say is wellll I’ve been working on this song.... or my show!!!! Or omg this happened in the studio last week. It’s my whole life in the sense that, at times, I find it really hard to think of what else is going on.

Last Friday @ataiaofficial and I jumped in my car and drove to the desert. We put no music on. We talked about growth— where we are now versus where we were a year ago on the same trip to Joshua Tree. There were moments when silence hit, and, when I wasn’t mesmerized by California, my mind drifted to precious little memories I forgot I’d lived. It’s crazy what you remember when you drop everything and just be.

Grateful for the reset. The deep breath. The reminder to stop and be human. (Plot twist yo girl watched the Grammys last night and got so inspired ha hi music obsession nice to see youuuuu again🙃❤️)

ran away for the day✨

There is something about February that always gets me writing. This absurd amount of creative energy just comes and steals my sleep. I’m energized and sleep deprived at the same time.

Taking it all in. Creating everyday. Embracing the process. Excited through it all.

Anyone else feel this way about a certain time of year? 📸: @ely_carreno 🧥: @gabriellalovelove

photographer never showed up at my gig last week :)))) bathroom pic had to do. (ok fine, the pink door made me do it)

I see my lucky number everywhere I go 👀 #quitfollowingme #19

🥰 <- me thinking back to being 7 years old singing Sheryl Crow and James Taylor around the house and realizing I’m recording right where those records were made (but also 😭😭😭)

It’s one thing to get to make music in an inspiring, legendary studio but it’s a wholllllleeeee other to get to do it with someone who inspires you— and is quite a legend himself. What a wild three days at @sunsetsoundrecorders with @sirgregwells ❤️

well, last night was pretty beautiful. thank you to all who were there to make it that way. I feel heard and woweee what a feeling 💕✨

see you tonight 💗 @thehotelcafe

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