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Lately I’ve been getting some questions about Kirishima and how I went about making the Unbreakable armor! With the arms, I made a base and added scrap foam. Literally, all the pieces were scraps of foam from previous projects!
Like the arms, the shoulders started with a flat base and then attached to a regular shoulder base (to keep on the shoulder) but I added expanding foam (used in filling crevisices in walls). To get that rock type texture, I used a box cutter knife to carve hard angles, slowly shaping the shoulder pieces into straight, yet curved shoulders.

The gears, as you can see, are not complete circles and are oblong. It’s important they are top heavy and less mass on the bottom, because that’s where the arms flow naturally. Too much foam on the bottom will surely cause discomfort.
MASK TUTORIAL NEXTIME! || video by @focusbayfilms || formal shot by @lil_shubbie
|| 🤜🏻⛰🤛🏻

You should know I do not give up that easily. || ⚔️🌓⚔️ || Shot by @square_noodles || #deathstrokecosplay #deathstroke

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about magnets and how to attatch then to the suit.
Type of magnets: Neodymium rare earth metals (The more surface area, the more magnet strength) I got the 3” 1/2”x1/8” (Amazon $8.98 two pack). You’ll need 4 in total // 2 for each item
The magents on my suit are embedded in the back armor which is glued to the suit. More surface area=better strength.
VERY IMPORTANT: Neodymium is very powerful and sometimes difficult to separate so create a thin surface separator with some glue. Super glue works very well, just make sure it dries COMPLETELY!

The magnets on my sticks were glued onto the sticks and hot glued around the magnet for extra security. ADD THAT THIN SAFETY LAYER OF GLUE.
When thinking of placing the magents, it should be in a natural place where your desired item flows naturally to draw or to sheath.

Lastly, as the weight of the object increases, more magnets may be needed. If there are stunts involved, consider temporary straps to secretly secure them in.
My DM is open to any questions!

I don’t think this hero thing is working out for you. || ⚔️🌓⚔️|| Shot by || #deathstrokecosplay #deathstroke

Oh how the turned have tabled. || Never news with a Tameranian on date night! || happy birthday @jazikinn!! We’ve been choking each other since we first met! || shot by @vukennedy || 🚹🦅🚹 💫💜💫

Get ready for a real shocker! || 🚹🦅🚹 || shot by @dougcupidphoto || #nightwing #nightwingcosplay

Here’s a #baymax by @daddypop_culture that I wish we got more shots! Def want to add more despite only working on this for 10 days!! || plus we all could use a little healing! || #baymaxcosplay #bighero6

There’s always that character you love so much and so you would continue to improve them further and further. Expect more improvements to Nightwing in the near future!! || 🚹🦅🚹|| Shot by @dtjaaaam || #nightwing #nightwingcosplay

Checking my hit list or watching cat videos? || ⚔️🌓⚔️ || shot by @rallyn07 || #deathstroke #deathstrokecosplay

Be ready for anything! || ⚔️🌓⚔️|| Shot by @square_noodles || #deathstroke #deathstrokecosplay

Chibi Commision by @killakuma!! I love it so much! She did such an amazing job and is so talented!! || I recently got a #hydroflask and just throwing stickers on it! I wanted to make some merch for you guys, and if we ever meet in person, I can just hand you one! Brybryy21Merch!! || I am currently working on setting up a shop online, link will be added to the bio, stay tuned!!

How would feel if you were being hunted by RED X? || goosebumps every time I see this! NEED TO DO MORE VIDS WITH @kineticcollections @uncannyaj || ❌☠️❌|| #redx #redxcosplay #teentitans

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