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We get to work with so many incredible people... but the fact that we get to work, write, sing, make music, and spend pretty much all day every day together... is literally the best thing ever. I am beyond excited to share what we’ve been working on together this last little while!!! Tomorrow!!! (Actually Midnight tonight 😉) #praisebeforemybreakthrough 🕊

This is one of my favorite lyric/moments from this new project. Sometimes you just gotta tell fear exactly where it can go, cause it doesn’t belong in your life!! - “Fear can go to hell! Shame can go there too! I know Who’s I am, God I belong to you.”
Prophecy Your Promise
2 Days!!

For everything there is a season
A time to be born, a time to die
A time to weep, a time to laugh
A time to mourn, a time to dance
We know there is a day coming, when we will see in full The Glory Of God.
Until that moment, as we only see in part, as we live in the tension of the now.
We will lift our praise. Confident in the Love and Goodness of God.
That our very lives would be a sacrifice of Worship, and we would Praise Before we see Our Breakthrough
#praisebeforemybreakthrough 🕊

“In Your Presence, I know who I am, I know where I stand in Your Love” -
One of scriptures I go back to over and over again is in Ephesians 3. Where the apostle Paul prays that we would be “rooted and grounded in Love” and that we would “know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, and be filled with the fullness of God” .
His Love and His Presence change everything. When we’re secure in His Love, our perspective changes, and the impossible becomes possible. #bewithme #praisebeforemybreakthrough 🕊
3 More Days!!!!

Can’t believe you’re 6 months old Indigo Dove 😍😍😍😍 I Love your smile and that you laugh at my jokes more than anyone else’s. I love how much you already love people, how much joy you bring and how you light up every room you’re in. Now if we only we could get past this post tour 4am wake up call... 😴😂. Love you forever #indigodovetorwalt 🕊 (Swipe to remember what a cute newborn she was 😍)

Getting REAL excited to share these songs!!! Nothing can take My Hallelujah, No darkness can contain My Hallelujah!🙌🏼🙌🏼

Songs have always marked seasons of life for us. Given us language in the middle of the process, and a light to mark the path in the middle of the journey.
These songs are a collection of our prayers, declarations and melodies through the middle of a season of life. And years from now looking back, I’m convinced that all we’ll see, is the incredible faithfulness, love and goodness of God.

This collection of songs are personal prayers and declarations that we have sung and are singing over our lives on a daily basis. The beginning of an unraveling and the documentation of praising through a season 🕊 .
November 16th
Praise Before My Breakthrough

I’ll Praise Before My Breakthrough.. Till my song becomes my triumph......... November 16th!

“When I’m living out my faith, When I’m stepping on the sea.... I know You’ll take my hand and walk with me, You walk with me”. #november2018

When u realize it’s only 5 days until you get to see your puppies / sleep in your own crib / use your crunch ice machine / see your bff Stella #indigodovetorwalt #tourbaby

Indi was wondering why we were trying to jump in on her photoshoot 😂. Also she specifically asked to wear her sunglasses today 😎. #indigodovetorwalt #tourbaby Knoxville tonight!!!!

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