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Bryan Safi  Throwing Shade Live 2017 on sale now!

I got to be in my third Gay of Thrones starring the too good @gayofthrones by the too much @gibblertron. It's an honor every year! And my hair cut this year is a REVELATION!!!! #pussbutt go to and watch! (This was right after I cut off Jonathan's arm and right during me showing off all my arms).

It's up to us to get pissed, acknowledge our luck and privilege, and make this shit right. Make people think you're an annoying socialist asshole. #BlackLivesMatter

Had no idea. I love this woman.

This lady on MSNBC last night officially WON THE BROOCH GAME! (Thanks to dear friend Jeanette "Allison" for this wonder).

Car air freshener.

When you're gay you get to choose your family. Thanks to my chosen family for helping me out when I needed it. My world would be nothing without you.

This line reading of Julia Roberts has always made me extremely uncomfortable. Say this to your lovers tonight while wearing palazzo pants and a striped tee! From My Best Friend's Wedding.

A babe at the Bowl.

That petty, shitty, dirty riverboat clown doesn't possess one ounce of the dignity and bravery of our trans servicemen and women, the most courageous people in our country. When oh when will this piece of shit motherfucker and his cruelty-for cruelty's-sake administration get the fuck out of the White House? As @daveholmes said, You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. #LGBT #transrightsarehumanrights

Destyni Roseberry.

The one where Wendy Williams talks about dumping juice on her pantyhose after she's worn them so no one can trace her DNA.

About to see Hello Dolly starring the legendary Bette Davis!!!!

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