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Bryan Safi  Co-host of Throwing Shade. Josh on 9-1-1. Throwing Shade Live is on Tour! All tix at Just find your show and click on TICKETS

Had so much fun at #peecastblast last night. Love these dreamies.

This beautiful figurine is sitting in an ELECTRIC CHAIR!!!! (Thx for sending Stephanie)

As everyone knows, I record a popular podcast called "WTF w/ Marc Maron." As everyone also knows, sometimes I'm weird about being sexy. So I took something I'm comfortable with and good at and something I'm weird about and put them together! Which is why my first step toward sexual freedom and expression is by recording into this purple vibrator called Naughty Bunny from @loversstores. Sometimes i wear glasses when I do it (which "it" am I talking about? wink wink), and sometimes I do it mid-laugh (okay that time I was talking about sex. Please laugh during sex - it makes it so much less ridiculous!) Anyway, the point is if you're weird about making yourself feel good, try pairing it with something you're great at! And also, if you're afraid of a vibrator, just talk to it. Or scream at it! And then when you’re done, finish it off with some iced coffee that you drink thru a tropical straw (3rd pic).#sexy #glasses #vibrator #ad

I can’t stop watching this housewives clip. They’re drunk and the phone rings and they all start dancing. It makes me so genuinely happy.

I took this pic this summer in Vienna and forgot how much I liked it. This is in the American Bar designed by Adolf Loos. And right now I’m in my home wearing jewelry designed by Cartier!

LA! Next Saturday at 4pm! Link in bio.

My sex ed growing up was super-nuanced. My friend David told me that when you turn 13 you poo out of your penis and pee out of your butt. And guess what, it happened! As I got older the guiding principle of my sex education became, YOU TOUCH YOU DIE. Which is why not only was I so scared to have same-sex attraction growing up, I was mortified by own body. That if I gave into what it wanted, I'd be done for. It's wild to think amidst all this progress that sex education is still kinda taboo. Much less queer sex education, which is practically non-existent. Super proud of @Loversstores for recognizing that sexuality and desire should be inclusive and not just a male gaze fantasy. Btw this was the first photo I took with my first boyfriend ever, in my door room, senior year. I touched and honey I did not die.

Los Angeles, I cannot tell a lie! Link in bio!

We got front row center seats for @TheCherShow opening night (thank you forever Dana), Cher came out at the end to sing, and my date Jessica Chaffin and I were so out of our minds that she literally only captured 2 seconds of it when we thought we got the whole thing. So here’s that 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

PHILLY TONIGHT! Bring your advice questions for Ronna! Link in bio!

MADISON! Just a handful of tix left for Saturday night! See you tmw! Link in bio

Look at this FAB lineup for “Will You Accept This Rose” for @sf_sketchfest on 1/12 at 4pm. Go to for tix! It’s going to be sooooo fun!

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