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Bryan Reid  #bryanreidphoto // Wedding account: @bryanreidphoto 👰🏻🤵🏻

Mary-Kate // Here comes the sun ☀️💛 // I just keep looking at bright colours on these grey days.

Steph // Just for kicks. 👟
We were brainstorming what to do for the Flavour ad in the Almanac this year, when the image of Steph’s smiling face poking through a pile of shoes popped into my head. 🧠⚡️ Love it when a plan comes together!! 😜👌🏼

Mack Ray // His talent is only out weighed by his heart. 🖤 Love this wonderful bastard, and if you know him...I’d hazard to say you do too. Check out Mack’s music 🎶 and give him a follow: @mackraymusic // styling done by: @deadendcareerclub <—- 😱

Hannah ⚓️ // every sunset is beautiful, but some are something special. 🌅Love these ‘outtakes’ from the Almanac. They didn’t quite fit the mood we were going for, but are some of my favs we got. 🙌🏼

Frazer 🐝 // HNY everyone!! Time to start posting shots from one of my favourite projects I get the privilege of working on every year!! The Almanac (@flavourfashion @providenceptbo @saveoursoles) — This year’s offering, I would hazard to say is our best ever. So proud of what we’ve accomplished, and it’s wild that this is the 9th one we’ve made!! This is a lil outtake from the Providence AD we created. Fraz should probably wear that helmet more often. Just sayin’ 🤷🏻‍♂️⛑

🕵🏻‍♂️ 📸: @hughwhitaker

Shaundra // 🌿 Summer please!! 🎼 (sung like ‘Summer Breeze’ by Seals & Croft) — Missing the summer big time right about now. Get the feeling that isn’t gonna change for a bit. Trying my best to get outside and embrace the cold by taking walks in the woods!
What do you do to shake the winter blues? Where should I go a’ walkin? 🚶🏻‍♂️

Almanac 2019 // It’s almost here. Releasing next Thursday (November 29th) at Flavour, Providence & Save Our Soles in Downtown Ptbo. So excited to be once again involved in this labour of love. All photography was done by yours truly. Haters will say it’s fake. Pick up your copy at one of the shops, or at your other fav spots in the downtown core. 📓🖤

Edith // Hold Dear 🖤 - I often have the urge to purge, but instead of getting rid of anything I tend to just reorganize the box. Why do we hang our emotions around the necks of our possessions? Tightly holding nostalgia’s skeletal hand in the hope it will squeeze back. Not all things are meant to be discarded, but not all should be kept. What do you hold dear? 🖤

Ryan // I’ve decided I’m going to start writing a bit with my photos. I have a bit of a tendency to hide behind my photos, hoping that they just speak for themselves. (Sometimes they do!) but I think it’s time I start talking about what’s going on in my head, why I shoot what I shoot and my motivations etc.
With that being said, I wanted to start by posting these pictures I took of my friend Ryan. (@deadendcareerclub) Ryan is an endless well of inspiration, coolness, and above all kindness. I admire his open, honest & thoughtful nature, as well as his willingness wear his distressed, bleached & burned heart on his vintage sandpapered sleeves. 😉 He’s one of raddest people I know, and honoured to call him friend.
I could say a million more things, but I’ll leave it at that since this is instagram, and you’re tired of read most likely! Go give him a follow if you please. K, byeeee. ✌🏼

Happy Halloween! 🤘🏼🎃🤘🏼

Sam 🏴

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