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Dan Flavin, Untitled (to Sonja), 1969

If you ever find yourself in Shanghai before December 16, I suggest that you check out “The Artist Is Present” exhibition by Maurizio Cattelan at the Yuz Museum. There are 16 rooms featuring over 30 contemporary artists. Definitely a thought-provoking exhibition. My personal highlights include the Sistine Chapel replica, the self-portraits of Gillian Wearing who wore prosthetics to look like her mom and her dad (who looked very handsome by the way), the Shanghai postcards by Aleksandra Mir, and of course, the Cloaca poop machine by Wim Delvoye! I know the human body is powerful but can you imagine recreating the entire digestion process? It’s insane! Oh and I could never look at pearls the same way again, thanks to Mika Rottenberg’s NoNoseKnows. The short film she made featuring pearl workers was quite potent, powerful and moving. Thank you @Gucci for inviting me and flying me to Shanghai to see this exhibition!

“The OG Blogger is Present”, Shanghai, 2018 [The Artist is Present by Maurizio Cattelan, underwritten by @Gucci]

I’m thrilled to share this video I shot in beautiful Stockholm with my #GuirlandeDeCartier bag by @Cartier. Nothing beats a fabulous autumn stroll in the woods! 🌲🍃🍂🍁 How’s it going @VeronikaHeilbrunner? 📸 by @barkenbom #AD

Home is where the family is! 🐕👯‍♀️

Lucio Fontana

I only have 12 hours in London and boy I’m glad to visit @MungoandMaud in Belgravia. My daughter @BettinaBuffe is a HUGE fan — they make the best clothes for fur babies. My husband has been nagging at me for weeks to get new lewks for her because winter is coming. She outgrew all her old clothes and she’s been naked the past summer. Anyway, if you’re in London be sure to visit their cute shop on Elizabeth street off Eaton Square. They have the best cable knit cashmere sweaters ever! 🐕🐕🐕🐩🐩🐩

Every time I check-in at the @BlakesHotel here in London I get a different room and it’s always a delightful surprise!!!! I’ve never met a golden situation I didn’t like. J’adore!!!!!

Saw this ad at Stockholm Arlanda airport this morning. At first I was gonna let it pass but then it doesn’t feel right. I have a platform. I have to use it. A lot of people got away with this kind of thing in the past because many never spoke out against it. Dear @RitualsCosmetics — will you please tell your marketing department as well as your corporate executives to look up what “cultural appropriation” means? Are y’all so detached from today’s political climate? It’s 2018. If you think your executives in the Netherlands may get away with putting a blue-eyed white girl in an Asian lewk, you’re wrong. 🤬🤬🤬 This is just straight up cultural theft for marketing purposes. Taking advantage of a culture that doesn’t belong to yours. Using Asian sensibilities to promote products but an Asian model is clearly not worthy of working with. Oh, I posted on Instagram stories one of their “Urban Samurai” images too. This is madness! How come no one is talking about this!



🐅 Runway vs Reality (@abodi_official_ at Budapest Central European Fashion Week #BCEFW)

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