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Hey everyone, sorry I have been gone for so long but I had some things going on in my life that I could not ignore, thank you for your patience🙏🏻 if you are a certified personal trainer, live in the Hillsborough County area and are interested in a change we are now hiring at both of my new locations! Message me asap if you're interested!

Hey everyone, in today's video I will be breaking down a very common movement and that is the tricep press down. Overall in my opinion a very good isolated movement for developing the triceps. There are a few cues to remember while performing this exercise. 1st: Keep your hands out in front of your body so you are not pulling the weight toward your body and engaging the front delts. 2nd: Try to keep your elbows in a fixed position to keep the cable path consistent. 3rd: Keep your core engaged through entire range of motion. 4th: Keep your chest high and keep your scapula pushed back👈🏻 @bryan_swain

Hey everyone, in today's video I'm showing you one of my favorite super sets for arm training. The first movement is a great alternative to skull crushers while eliminating any type of elbow pain. When typically using a camber(bent) bar your arms are in a fixed position forcing your elbows into a compromised spot, with the dumbbells you have a wide range of motion to work with. Try your best to keep your elbows from traveling east to west, find a comfortable pain free location. As for the dumbbell curls, don't let your elbows get out in front(keep them at your side). We also want to fully lengthen the bicep so flex your tricep at the bottom💪🏼 @bryan_swain

Bringing up my biceps has been a key focus in this training cycle and I happy to announce this is the biggest my arms have ever been. Obviously they won't be impressive to most but that's ok, they are still lean and not a giant water bag with no definition and that keeps me motivated. 💪🏼@bryan_swain

Hey everyone 👋🏻 in today's video I give a simple breakdown on box jumps. These are great for improving your conditioning and generating calorie burn for fat loss. My one major tip is use an explosive jump every time to really get the benefit from these💪🏼

Hey everyone, in today's video I will give you all a quick breakdown of flexible dieting or IIFYM. The main factor in this type of diet is sticking to your daily numbers. Their are 5 things people typically track on this diet and they are: calories, protein, carbs, fats, and fiber. We now have a ton of research that has shown you can eat with flexibility as long as you stay within your caloric range. I also believe flexible dieting has the greatest success rate for the long term. Obviously most people don't want to eat the same foods everyday. If you are interested in learning more about the subject, the full video is on my YouTube channel(link in profile) and thanks for watching! @bryan_swain

Hey everyone, here is a nice leg movement for your next lower body day! Using the Bosu ball puts you in an unstable environment which will force you to engage more stabilizing muscles which would then generate more calorie burn. It also elevates your back foot so you can increase your range of motion without losing tension by allowing your knee to hit floor. Give this movement a try and let me know whatcha think💪🏼 @bryan_swain

Hey everyone, in today's video I will do my best to simplify carb cycling. Over the past few years this has become a popular fat burning diet not just by athletes but also regular gym goers. The easiest way to simplify this is to fluctuate your carbs from high days to low days with lots of variations. My personal recommendation is to follow a 50%, 50%, 200% carbohydrate cycle every 3 days. This will still keep you in a caloric deficit for your fat loss while being able to enjoy a ton of carbs twice a week💪🏼 preferably on your "leg days". As always the full video is posted on my YouTube channel BryanSwainFitness,the link is in my bio if you're interested in watching more of these types of videos!

Hey everyone in today's videos I'm going to highlight a couple of key points when performing the plank. Common mistakes made are dropping your hips too low or bringing them up too high. The plank is a great movement for strengthening your core when done correctly. Keeping a neutral spine while squeezing your glutes are essential for this movement. Try to continue to increase your total time while in the proper position over the coming weeks to really challenge yourself💪🏼

Hey everyone 👋🏻 in today's video I am going to be breaking down intermittent fasting. It's actually a pretty simple concept, where you are fasting for the majority of the 24 hours out of the day and then eating in a window of time. Their research has shown that this will increase growth hormone and lower insulin in the body which would then stimulate weight/fat loss. The most optimal window they claim is, fasting for 20 hours and then eating in a four hour window between the times of 1 PM and 5 PM. As always you can click the link in my bio and I have a video breaking down all of the most common diets used fort loss🎬 @bryan_swain

Do you ever have elbow pain while training triceps? I used to all the time and then I found this variation that took the stress off my elbows. Try this move out next time you train them and see if it helps! @bryan_swain

Hey everyone in today's videos I go over a common diet that many people like to use for weight loss and it's called the paleo diet. The paleo diet is also referred to the "caveman" diet as well since it's based strictly on foods that were available in their times. Foods that are suggested for this diet are fish, meat, nuts, fruits, oils, sweet potatoes etc... Though I haven't seen any research to back their claims, they state you do not have to track how much food you eat while being on this diet since all of the foods are very nutritious you will remain full without over eating. I also recently posted a video on my YouTube channel on the 6 most common Diets and I have the link for that video in my bio if you're interested in watching it🎬@bryan_swain

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