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And You already know that we bring you the greatest after party If you can Hang. After we tear down the park at the #crashleaguecookout we taking it to the rink and ripping up the floor you already know How we do. #creashtesedleagueapproved #inleaguewetrust #crashleagueday #MSW #yourboybrutha #urmotherfavstepsonbrutha

8 Years Strong,  2017 going to be bigger and Better. #crashleaguecookout and afterparty more to come..... 6/17/17 Save the Date

So this past weekend while I was out I picked up my dope @whats_ur_positive_vibe T-shirt . Great page and people just giving out positively. The world we live can be dark or ruff or bad and some times we all need some positive up lifts in our life go follow the page , garb a shirt and start spreading the positively. #leagueapproved

My army of hitters are not deep but we make up for it in crazy. Might fight , not speak, but don't let that fool you. One phone call and we fall in line like army. #nationsilblingday my family my blood. My sisters and brother.

Tomorrow Night all trains and trio, Fastbackwards, snap lines and roads lead here. MSW Frist Friday @tfbty , #teamfastbackwards #tfb #leagueapproved #crashtested #leaguetv

Been here for 5 years , since 2012 this just being # kendricklamar

Found Tom Brady jersey in Mexico but we can't find 34 people in DC shits not new but when will you open your eyes.

My creative runs deep. I cover many titles but I stay true to the art of creative and alway being driven to enhance my craft. Business Man 24/7 but never forgetting what made me start. Web, Audio, Video, Marketing, Branding and Much more. How many hats do you own Becuase I own the store. Don't want to be Great, JUST DO IT NO QUESTIONS ASKED. THE TIME IS NOW..........

Watching my new favorite player @marquetteking #makingpuntingfunagain on my favorite TV show @espnhishers /@espn #sc6 with my cousins @themichaelsmith & @jemelehill

Out wit the family

Don't call him a minon he'll get pissed off lol 1 of my 9 nephews. Little light skin ladies lover 94 aka deadpool not minon uncle k aka chase

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