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Ron Partlow @rep300 and Joe Seeman @coachlittlejoe take us through a chest session at his awesome gym @westcoastiron
Go check it out now!
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Big Ron Partlow @rep300 hit a heavy back day out at @westcoastiron for us... check out this and more exclusive content and forums only at

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Antoine Vaillant - Blasts Chest 6 weeks out from his next show. @toprosupershow
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Big Brandon Beckrich just wrapped up filming a Leg session for us. Keep an eye out for this one dropping soon only on
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My favorite day of the week. . LEG DAY! I’m really looking forward to today, filming for both @kagedmusclesupps showing you guys my morning routine leading into the @toprosupershow. And right after filming today’s leg session for @brutalmuscle.
I’ve said this many times before, I remind myself of it somewhat frequently. Obstacles, setbacks, hardships are going to come at you from all angles. Some self inflicted (whether you believe it or not) others completely out of your control. BUT stay the course! Don’t let your emotions get the best of you and shut down what you’ve been working toward because I promise, when the dust settles (and it will!) you will look back and wish you would’ve just put your head down and pushed forward rather than having to play damage control from the aftermath.
Will you be motivated during those times? Probably not. Motivation is a matter of perspective and if you can’t find the “why” during that time then you rely on discipline, which is choice and a skill you should have acquired over a course of time. But don’t fall victim to tough times guys, put your game face on, and shift gears.
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When in @originalmetroflexgym training legs wearing King Ron’s T-shirt’s and the man himself is right in front of you... you ask yourself: -
“What would @ronniecoleman8 do!?”

New Exclusive video is now live on @brutalmuscle
Top Canadian IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad @fouadabiad take us through a heavy Chest workout and explains the importance of exercise selection
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It’s such an honour to have the great Scott Stevenson @fortitude_training contribute to @brutalmuscle
Keep an eye out for this one... is going to be both hardcore and of course FULL of educational gems!! #Repost @fortitude_training with @get_repost
Coming soon to @brutalmuscle: Some Day in the Life kinda educational stuff, plus some training, of course…

Here’s the start of a Rack Dead —> Bent-Over Row Drop-Set… (7 plates on down to 2 plates per side…. 😈) What happened next will only be seen on (We just know I didn’t die… 🤪) @squatlikechow

The Juggernaut @lukesandoe starting his offseason hard and heavy as he looks to make an impact later this year for his @mrolympiallc Debut! 😈
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Back to it!!! 200 pounders for lunch 🤷🏻‍♂️ Chest... please fn grow 🙄 .
Iron Rebel elbow sleeves SANDOE10 at checkout save money and your elbows 😎👌🏻
. .
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New content!!
@ifbb_broku Jason Lowe takes us through a leg workout!
Jason is just off the back of a run of shows and now looks to make his @mrolympiallc debut the September in the Classic division.
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We’re super excited for this one! @mrusa2017 Derek Lunsford will be filming exclusively for as he starts his prep for the @mrolympiallc in September this year! 💪🏻
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We’ve managed to strong-arm the main man @rep300 himself into a killer video for
Stay tuned as Big Ron does his thing and gives us an insight into his world after competing 🇨🇦

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