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Bruno's Place (Bruno O.)  A banker turned hairstylist, Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO) Bruno's Place, *Ikeja City Mall Lagos *Jabi Lake Mall, Abuja. 08033044370 for enquiries

Cornelia Odiwanor came to consult with me on the way forward after she was asked to resign from the bank. I still can't figure how I was able to convince such a sophisticated lady like her to go into plaintain chips business. Her success story shows it must be God. Today, someone that was asked to resign from the bank like me is now an employer of labour. Taking ordinary things and making extra ordinary.
For further enquiries and bookings
Call 08033324092

Testimony time!

Tope Olawuyi, the owner of Tash Signatures, was my junior colleague at Skye Bank. She heard my success story in the salon business. She came with her husband for consultation on salon business. They had what it takes then to establish the business but I insisted she MUST understudy me and enrol as an apprentice for 6months. She humble herself to learn and before she completed 3 months training, she had started making wigs for sale. To cut the long story short, today, she is the proud owner of TASH Signature, another banker turned hairstylist.
Please if you stay around:

Fortright Garden
Road E ,Block 26,PLOT 17,
Magboro off Lagos Ibadan express way

Patronize her. God bless you as you do so.

For further enquiries call: 07032706221

Don't judge or condemn anyone because you do not understand their struggles. If you can't help, at least you can counsel or pray for or with them. Tomorrow they might be the one to help or counsel you or others 'in case of incasity'. I have seen on Facebook some people who were the baddest those days when we were young, caught in stealing and doing 'runs' now online preachers and doing exploits. It's only God that can judge. I believe change is possible. I was once a chief sinner but I see my sins reducing from 100% to 50% to 25% and I'm hopeful someday it will be 0% before Jesus Christ comes. Yes, He's alive and coming back again. Maybe soon!

My greatest desire today is providing jobs for especially young girls and accomodation for them. At least to help reduce their struggles and aid in launching them out of desperation, fear and hopelessness. With these, people may plunder their bodies, only for a while but it would be difficult to confuse their minds anymore because they would be able to choose for themselves.

Alcohol, drugs and prostitution or cheating, greediness and selfishness may reduce the pains only for a short while but in the long run, the consequences are too much - mediocrity, infertility, childlessness, single motherhood or fatherhood, insanity, immorality and hell fire.

What else?

I have never chased money
I only pursue purpose and pick money along the way. I just found this out. My greatest desire has been and still is to transform lives through business and relationships
Do you remember kingdom news and kingdom foods? This was before I started working in the Bank. Do you also remember ALTARnative Forum? What about the early morning fellowship I had while working in the bank?
Consider my business, life and relationships today- the TGIM (Thank God it's Monday) where I give 50% off service charge to my customers; The every Friday Inspirational trainings for my staff in all the branches; supporting single mothers who are staff of Bruno's Place Unisex Salon in paying school fees for their kids; Have you also considered my free seminars and inspirational talks both online and offline? I have done several things but picking on hairstyling or Salon business was on purpose. This is about the easiest way for me to express purpose while giving glory to God. You cannot chase purpose and not be relevant, rich and be celebrated.

I want to encourage someone out there today. That disappointment or rejection or failure is a blessing in disguise. Don't give in or give up. Some of us were there and we came out of it safe and sound victorious. You will too, in Jesus name, say Amen!
I was asked to resign from a well paid banking job. I went into partnership with someone to expand an existing business. When the money started rolling in, I was rejected and frustrated out. I went into another partnership to expand my business, it almost ended up in a court case.
Little did I know it was part of divine plan to cook up a selleable story or a brand for me.

Look at me today, my name is Bruno Oaikhinan, CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) of Bruno's Place Unisex Salon with 4 branches in strategic locations under 5years employing over 100 staff. It was not easy but it was worth it. Hold on, the storm will soon be over. Help is on the way.

Business, life and relationships are give and receive things. But there are levels of giving and receiving. A genuine giver takes negative and gives back positive because he knows how to convert negative into positive. God and His representatives receives poverty but gives wealth, takes ignorance and gives knowledge, takes creativity in exchange for standard. Take ordinary things or people and make extraordinary. Be a God giver.

Proud father

Proud father

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