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Bruno Mangyoku  Illustration&Animation - Paris FR

Groucho Marx trolling the tennis courts of LA in the late 30s. He once played against Charles Chaplin, who became infuriated by his antics. For an article published in the French Roland Garros magazine. Thanks to @talkiewalkieagency for the opportunity!

Accountable AIs for the latest issue of the New Scientist. Didn't have the rights to display the correct HAL 9000 colors... Cheers

My dear friend's Jeanne has launched her kickstarter project a couple of weeks ago.
Link in bio.
Along with her brother, she designed some awesome lightweight glasses, and she needs your support guys! The future of eyewear is at the tip of your fingers!
Back, support and comment ! Cheers

Cover art for another upcoming edition of Alexandre Dumas' "The Mole King's Daughter". Éd. Flammarion, coll. Librio. Thanks to @euyevair for the opportunity.

Last week's issue of @liberationfr French daily newspaper. About a new course of studies available for students of the @cnsmdp : music in video-games. Thanks to @talkiewalkieagency

Cover art for an upcoming book "The Boar Prince" by Madame d'Aulnoy. Éd. Flammarion, coll. Librio. Thanks to @euyevair for the opportunity.

"Kullervo and the Cheat-Cake" traditional Finnish poem. For @faremag

Opener and insert for the latest issue of @de_volkskrant . Article title :"Help! My record collection is full of rapists!" In the wake of the #metoo and #timesup movements, how can we -- especially women -- continue living with this paradoxical fact : many of our dearest bands/singers/rappers/musicians have allegedly been verbally/physically/sexually violent against women. Thanks to @koosjeremiasse for the nice opportunity. Cheers

Swipe for all the images! I did a series of illustrations for @americamook a French magazine on the US's social/political/cultural situation since the beginning of @realdonaldtrump 's presidential term. The article was written by @stephenking, and treated the subject of gun culture/violence. Thanks to @sarahkahnstudio for the sweet opportunity! Cheers

The small sketch I did during my @Huaweimobile @moleskine_world event in Milan. Thanks to @itsmachas for the project, and a holler to my fellow illustrators @kellyannalondon @olafhajek and @jonathanlovers

I stumbled upon an old illo I did for M3 magazine. Swipe for a close up of the digital pic!

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