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Bruno Dias  Aspiring Youtuber 👀😁 Media Producer Car Photographer @apexnuerburg • 🇩🇪 Nürburgring, Germany 🇵🇹 Santarém, Portugal •

Not going to lie, miss these times and shooting the action!
Beautiful GT2 RS coming down in Wehrseifen 👌🏻

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It will be a while until we see this again... •

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2018 Recap? Too soon?
For me this is my year recap, it was one of the most important years of my life, both personal and business wise.
Last year I decided I wanted to come and life/work in Nürburg, that was around the end of November, exactly one year ago.
Although my job was extremely well paid, there was something missing and it was indeed a very lonely life, so with no idea of what to come, I decided to dive in and managed to move into Nürburg.
It was a very rough year overall, specially financially it was a learning curve to me, to learn how to manage finances properly and what to do with them, it’s amazing what we can do if we put our mind into it!
And in May 2018, I got the opportunity to work as a photographer for @apexnuerburg , where the main thing would be media coverage and one of the photographers for .
After that, we decided that there was a hole that needed filling in Nürburg, and me and @tomstamp started to do some photosessions, which I can say proudly, we had 100% positive feedback and people started coming from all around Europe for our pictures, actually, we shot a couple of European deliveries as well, cars that are presently in the U.S.A.! That’s something special, things escalated to the point where people started printing my pictures into their walls, and me having some of my pictures as “pictures of the month” in some of the UK magazines, word spreaded out and I couldn’t be more proud.
After all this, the most proud moments of this year was to finally find a nice little house in Nürburg in an exclusive location, and also starting a relationship which I haven’t been “promoting” because I do like to keep private things, private 😉
It was also filled with special moments, like watching the release of the new Porsche series, the 911 mark 2, meaning both GT3 RS and the beastly GT2 RS, and watching them breaking the lap time record for production cars, followed by the Lamborghini SVJ, and later this year beaten again by @manthey_racing GT2 RS...
Talking about Porsche, it was funny that my first full year in Nürburg, was also the year when the @nuerburgring lap record was beaten!
*rest of the recap in the comments*

2018 Season is over!
Alright, time to speak about this a little bit, and my god, what a season!
It was my first complete season here and I’ve learned so much, plus I found a great job to be at!
I want to thank the team for all that was done this year and also all or customers and friend, I wait nothing but an even greater season next year, a warm thank you, to all of you!
Plus, I passed from 800 followers here to almost 3600, that’s absolutely crazy and I didn’t expect it at all, I wish I could contribute more for all your support ❤️ The team:
@apexnuerburg ,

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Autumn colors. 🍁
And also a fast Mercedes passing by.

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Only two more days of TF left, 10th & 11th of November, and after that the Nürburgring will go into road works, actually, 2km of it, it is said that it’s going to be the longest and most expensive works up to date!
Get it going while you can.
By the way, this is my boy @tjl.morley fully finessing our F80 M3 , you’d be blessed with him in the car 😉

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BMW 1M... These lines are something else.
Owner: @atomicshopeu
If you had the money, what BMW would you actually buy?
Let me know.

#bmw #bmw1m #nurburgring #automotive #carphotography #sunsetorange

Can’t get enough of this, but I’m already missing these days with not much cold 😊
It’s getting serious here, today we had a beautiful sunny morning but with -2 degrees ❄️
Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far, in a bit me and Tom are doing to cover a 4h Sim Race @raceroomcafe_nuerburgring ✌️

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And that is it, this is a special one!
I don’t usually do posts like this but after @robert_mitchell and the team decided to thank everyone for a wonderful 2018 season, I had to do it...
This season was definitely very positive and a learning curve for all of us, and we enjoyed to have all of you around, and all the singling reactions we had, was priceless.
And talking about prices, as a thank you from all of us, this is the price list we are offering until the end of the season: • VW Up & BMW 218i - 50€/lap
• Clio RS & VW Polo GTI - 60€/lap
• VW Golf GTI - 75€/lap
• Leon Cupra - 80€/lap
• Toyota GT86 - 80€/lap
• BMW M2 & M4 - 160€/lap

This is of course, excluding lap tickets and fuel, that’s totally on you and it’s still a mega deal!

Enjoy while you can, it’s a gift from us 🙂

You can thank the team:
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Now here’s something you do not see every day.
It’s a E36 with a DCT gearbox, on a stock E36 engine... Imagine that?
Crazy little project here, done by @michiel.e36 , congrats on this beast.
I hope you can bring it again after some upgrades 😉
Hope everyone is having a good week so far, it’s now getting a bit chilly here in Nürburg!

#bmw #e36 #bmwe36 #m3 #dct #driftcar #carphotography #automotive #nurburgring #nordschleife #apexmedia #bruno_mcd

BMW 1M, with some winter weather on the Nürburgring, beautiful car this... Shot for @atomicshopeu , and the car is for sale I believe 😉

#bmw #1m #bmw1m #mperformance #bmwrepost #carphotography #automotive #bruno_mcd

Here’s the final shots from the new BMW M2 Competition, and what a beautiful car in this color, mixed so good with the brown colors from autumn. Amazing lines, I wonder how this car would behave for example with the E92 4.0L V8 😉

Now, I still have some spots for photo sessions this season which we don’t need the track open, shoot me a DM and we can sort it out! But be fast, snow is coming on our way 😉

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