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So, today I was diagnosed with #Celiac disease, after years of seemingly random, uncomfortable, and most of all painful symptoms. Apparently, after my gastroscopy three years ago, they found I tested positive for Celiac but NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT IT. And then that surgeon sent it to my GP, who, in three years, never read it. Needless to say, I am very angry and frightened about the damage I've done to my system in the time I could've known about it. I've been eating healthy food for a long time now, but I'd like to know if anyone else has Celiac (as well as leaky gut), and what you've done to help yourself to heal? I've been in constant pain for the last year, and am extremely frustrated.
#celiacdisease #leakygut #glutenfree

#Throwback to a time when my #makeup was on #fleek and I wasn't throwing up in bed.
#thegoodoldtimes #stomachflu #motd #fotd

This little guy is hanging out on my mate's wall at this very moment in #Sydney . Too high to catch, so they have to just leave him be. And this is why I can now kill any Canadian #spider anybody has a problem with -- I've been acclimatized to a way more frightening species. #theitsybitsyspider #aussiespiders

Made some #banana #nicecream bowls yesterday morning for myself and the fiancé! This has blended frozen banana with frozen strawberries and cocoa powder (the real stuff -- it gives you heaps of iron and fibre!), topped with chia seeds, slivered almonds, more banana, and granola (gluten-free for me on the right). It was SOOOO GOOD.
#vegan #veganinspo #foodofinstagram

"It even began like a fairytale: that first hug, where it felt like my body and soul apprehended a truth that my mind could not then face," he said before he got down on bended knee. (If you know the story of how we met, you know that I felt the same.) I've been holding this in for two and a half weeks, and I am so excited to announce that I am now engaged to the love of my life.

This #game kills me.

Jay thought #zerodegrees was cold. Whoops, just you wait, buddy 😂😍 #Canada #noob

Came home after some long flights to this, from my mom and stepdad!! I love them!
#OztoCanada #finally #GenevaandJay

I saw #bimbimbap on #Masterchef once, and always wanted to try it. Thank you, #HongKong . God, I hope this is gluten free (they didn't understand me). Otherwise my next 15-hour plane ride will not be a good time

Goodbye, Cloud! We'll see you on the other side of the world!

We're gonna miss you, little broseph

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