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The Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College is planning on removing portraits of white faculty members or former founding fathers because it makes the students that go to the school feel "intimidated" and nobody wants "Victorian racist staring at them." This is PC overload right now, but I'm not really shocked since Europe is practically being run to the ground and will cease to exist in the next ten years.
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So American Eagle has just debuted their first Denim Hijab *sigh* it's been receiving positive reviews from girls on Twitter and Liberal media outlets.. no surprise there. As usual Liberals and Feminists advocate for something that oppresses women and sets them back fifty, sixty years but then b*tch in the streets holding signs about a wage gap and how Trump wants women to have no rights lol. RIGHT...
Link is in Bio if you want to check out the article ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️

So I had some of my followers send me this which I'm surprised I didn't come across it since I read Daily Mail all the time but I was put in an article discussing how women supporting Trump are taking over social media by storm showing constant support for our president. It also hit FOX News which is super f*ckin awesome. This is super amazing and just goes to show what a social media presence can do and how it can make a change. The video if you swipe is cool but the ladies voice is super annoying lol but this is awesome so thank you to @dailymail and @foxnews for featuring this awesome article. Hopefully this will reach many conservative women and women for Trump to know that it's okay to put yourselves out there despite the backlash you might get or the names you might be called. Let's continue supporting this amazing country, our amazing President and keep working together to make a change.

When your followers ask you to post more pictures of yourself so you give them what they want 💁🏻 lol
1 Timothy 4:12- Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.🙏🏻

Since Trump has ran and won we have had constant outrage over his policies and behavior and it has just become increasingly worse. Liberals favorite dinner conversation is just how exactly they will get rid of him... impeachment, criminal conviction, him being "mean", resignation, Russia involvement, too much p*ssy grabbin and the list goes on. To the number of Americans who absolutely adore him though it's quite fun and entertaining listening to these cuck heads go on and on at things that will never happen, so it's quite thrilling lol. After eight years of failed policies and causing our country to crumble right before our eyes we have someone in office who is changing the game. First and for most Trump loves America it's evident from how he speaks, to how he represents us when he goes to foreign meetings. He does everything for America and has Americas best interest first above anything else. Unlike our last president he has his priorities straight, he constantly talks about getting things done and goes through with it. He knows how to make deals and knows how to work with people, America to which some don't want to admit is a business and needs to be ran like one. He constantly speaks the truth even when people hate him for it, but that's why we love him right? And after so many years of hearing someone speak like they rehearsed it a thousand times to make it what we want to hear it's refreshing to have a man just straight talk you. Trump has also shined the light on just how twisted and corrupt the media really is, before him, journalists were well trusted and we looked to them to find out the truth and important info. Under Trump though we no longer want to hear the bs they have to say and Trump has made it where through social media accessibility we now go directly to him to find out what is going on. Trump has only been in office for almost seven months but has accomplished more than bum bum the last eight years. He is respected, and America is finally getting back to where it's supposed to be and it will only get better.

Pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake 🍰

So Teen Vogue came out with an article on how to practically lube up ya bootyhole and get it ready for penetration. Maybe it's just me but why are we consistently over-sexualizing young children?
Link is in my bio if you want to read the article let's discuss in the comment section what you guys think

I'm free all day, everyday, it's America baby 🤘🏻🇺🇸❤️

The only bae one needs in life is the red, white and blue 🇺🇸💋❤️ 🤘🏻
It's hot out there so make sure to check out @american_asf for some super cute one pieces

So Dove has created a limited edition set of body wash bottles that come in various shapes and sizes (LOL) to represent diverse beauty. YES, because my day will be starting off SO MUCH better when I realize I look like my distorted bottle of soap. Thankfully though even this bullsh*t has received backlash even from feminists, some came out and said "I just want to wash my body, and not be reminded that I'm pear shaped" 🤣 I mean I feel you girl, who wants to look at their bottle of soap and realize they look like a little distorted chode. To me this just makes body issues worse, you're practically telling girls this is what they look like and you can't buy the other bottle because this is your body type and you'll start to have girls wondering why they can't look like the long stretched out tall bottle lol because let's be honest no one wants to look like that tear drop one. I mean what's next, are we going to have different types of Windex and Fantastic bottles, maybe fat and busty swiffer sticks? Lol. I've said it before and I'll say it again, a real woman is someone who is healthy, loving, fun, courageous, thoughtful, respectful and smart. I don't encourage loving this whole obesity/fat movement but I do encourage letting women love their bodies that are naturally curvy or bigger as well as the girls who are naturally thin. Lets just start encouraging women to love their bodies and appreciate themselves without trying to make stupid statements every time. Ps: I don't use Dove I use Neutrogena and my bottle just looks like a giant long brick 💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻 lol

Had one of my beautiful, awesome followers @lordofthemoms send me these today. Her son Kase this past Fourth of July woke up at 4am to deliver and plant our American flag in about thirty five residences in their hometown. Kase also hiked Mt. Humprehy's in Flagstaff Arizona which is the highest peak there at about 12,633 ft, carrying the flag all the way up. I'm told Kase loves my page and watches my videos and reads my post with his awesome mom, thank you for sending me these. It's amazing to know we still have awesome moms and parents out there who show their children the importance of our flag, our country and protecting yourself with guns. Kase gives me hope for a future that will keep our country alive and its values. Keep doing what you're doing bud ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸

Check out my dude @fleccas new video (link in bio) from last weekends impeachment protest in Downtown LA. Your girl makes a little cameo 🇺🇸💁🏻❤️✌🏻 MAGA all day everyday 🤙🏻

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