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℘ɛŗʄɛçɬ ɬɧɛ ῳąყ ı ąɱ  Taken by chance the one and only guy for me

I love you so much. We fight and argue but I want you to remember that that's ok bc we always talk through our rough spots. And when you say I could do better, I don't believe that and I never will. I have the love of my life and best friend all in one. Baby your all I need. No one could replace the way I feel for you! Your the only fish for me :) @chanceahardy

Merry Christmas!!!

Happy Christmas eve everyone! I have been going all day so glad to be almost home. I'm ready to crawl into bed, wake up in the morning and do it all over agian.

6th months ago I decided I couldn't let go of the best person in my life. Everyone I knew told me it was a bad idea to try a 3rd time and that we wouldn't make it past 3 months. I shrugged at all these remarks because I knew I wasn't ready to give up and that I probably won't ever be ready to. These past few months have been the best months I've ever had. We have gone through the good and bad, we fight sometimes but we never go to sleep angry. Sometimes I feel like he can read my mind which is funny because I could walk into a building with a big smile and he is the only one who would ever notice that something was wrong with me. Honestly I'm so lucky to have him and I wouldn't let him go for anything. I love you @chanceahardy and I can't wait for the many more months to come.

I cropped my dog out

Like for a tbh Bc I'm bored

This is because you posted that picture of be :( lol I still love you tho. @chanceahardy at least yours is gray bc I'm nice lol

I had fun with him today :)

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