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BRETTE HOWARD ✌🏽❤🎵  Dreamer easy in the chair that really fits you.

⚪️Solstice hair from the West Side 🙌🏻 Brought to me with vision by @th3r3s3126 and this fanny pack. Had such a beautiful day with the northwest fam and even got to see a Bald Eagle intercept an Osprey fishing in the sound. May you never thirst 💋May you never hunger. Love and Light to all ✨#leatherwoman #rainierbeer #hairredemption #shewhoeatslightning #westseattle

I haven't been to a Zoo in over 15 years and The Woodland Park Zoo was the last. This majestic wolf pack was howling for us today and it made me cry some tears of joy. Hats off @woodlandparkzoo your still doing it right. 🌲🐺🎶#wolfsong

Mountain Dreaming

I bring this photo with me anytime I leave the house for a long period of time. I think I was about 8 in it and had painted my dads whole body for a #skycriesmary music video. Missing my rockin papa @jskyward today. Much love to all you out there on the dadhood journey and the most love to so many of my dearest friends who have lost mamas and papas. Hope your all jamming some tunes, getting some nature and eating some delicious food with fam. ❤️ U @sky_am_legend wishing you were in Seattle right now and thank you @kexp the Father's Day dance party it ruled! ✌🏼❤️🎶🤘🏼#playthatfunkymusicwhiteboy #joebassmusic #deaddadsclub

Tomorrow I'm working at ETG with @th3r3s3126 and @granddamezazzle for the Fremont Fair and Solstice Parade 🚀🤹🏼‍♀️☕️🌈🌞 Come say HI and get some goodies! #ETG #LSD #LiveGirls #FremontFair

🌞🔥Dream 🕸Weaving 💧🌝#spiritweaversgathering

🕸Leg one of this Northwest passage complete. Two weeks of sleeping with the elements, all the creatures of magical Josephine County and the Illinois River. Sisterhood delivered such nourishment and radicalness for us @spiritweavers this year. 📿Sting stories and cord making with @slowbeautyway ☕️Cacao Ceremony served with love by @kakawsana 🏵Wheel of Transformation with Grandmother Karina 🌾Made my first broom with @ladyursus 🌿Herbalism for my inner Witch with @thewomanwhomarriedabear 💎Yoni Crystal Pussy Power with @goddess_rising ✨🌬Kava Temple with @activeculturefamily 🎙🎶Two unbelievable Sonic Sound Celebrations by all the sweet sirens and body shaking dance parties by DJs @bibimcgill and @natkelley Full to say the least 🕸 Feeling radiant and alive 🌙rattle by @my_enthios and Piper Lilly by @wooden_earthmama ❤️@daughterofthesun_ I LOVE YOU and this vision you have manifested #sistersonajourney #spiritweaversgathering #shewhoeatslightning #beyourownwitch #bethefair #yonicrystals #sacredsexuality #ittakesayurtvillage #keiki #sonicsound #cobrasimonne

This river & my true mirror. 🎶We will never... Never lose our way to the well.
Of her memory and the power... of her living flame she will rise.
She will rise again.🎶 #spiritweaversgathering #bethefair #twowizardsjourneying #josephinecounty #freethenipple #waterislife

I stumbled into a Keiki nest one day and almost cried. Lucky littles. #spiritweaversgathering #KeikiCamp #bethefair

Dreaming for more of this next weekend @for.the.wild 🎶🌲🎶❤️👌🏼#spiritweaversgathering tag Carter if she's on here. #sonicsound #forthewild

Raw land transformed by raw hearts. 🌲🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻🌲 Watching this landscape open itself up to these women has been a dream. The hard work done by all to bring water, power, food, sanitation and support to this first year on 100 acres has shown me we can do anything with community.
Thank you @daughterofthesun_ and @beautifulbountifulblissful for offering me the honor of holding space with music for these women. Im so proud of this little stage and all who have stepped onto it. Being heard and seen is an amazing opportunity to heal. Thank you at @jskyward and @sheryl.diane for making music my heartbeat.
Not to mention how can you not get down when @bibimcgill is present!!!
✌🏼❤️🎶 I'll be posting more photos from last weekends gathering here and on @bethefair. 🤘🏼✌🏽✌🏿#spiritweaversgathering #sonicsound #ittakesayurtvillage #joenawaytour

Surrounded by the wild beauty 💚#spiritweaversgathering

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