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Juicy J 👋  God's #1 😊😇 Dancer 💃 UNCG'20

If you ask me I'm ready

My foreheads big but its ok

Gotta take gym selfies before the workout so you don't look too crazy

Debate time guys, it sickens me that people are actually commenting on this article and asking why abortion should be legalized beyond rape and health issues. It's basically saying women should have rights, but why should they really get full rights over their body when it's no actual threat. It's freaking ridiculous. Even if somebody does use protection, and take all the right precautions, there's still a slight chance that they could get pregnant. And it is their choice to do what they have to do for themselves in the situation. Not a man's, not a doctor's, not their parents. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO OUR BODIES. I'm praying for Argentina and countries all over the world that still have not come to terms with the fact that women are citizens and deserve full rights to do what they want to do with their bodies. Can't wait to see all the poor famished children that are about to be born because of this. #mybodymychoice

Okay this is definitely me but in like a very serious not going for anybody for a while kind of way

I'm disgusted bruh, if this is what the world is coming to imma start carrying my taser on my person 24/7 like bitch try me let somebody f****** try me

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