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oi loikes phatagrafee  You will feel Richer by wanting Less. Be grateful for what you already have.Just for fun.Stay classy.👍 ✌


'We've all known animal lovers who lavish an excessive amount of affection on pets, but are cruel to people.The best index to a persons character is (a) how he treats people who can't do him any good and (b) how he treats people who cant fight back.' ---Abigail van Buren.
Sanctuary Districts are the 21st century equivalent of Medieval debtors prisons where the poor,homeless and mentally ill are kept out of sight. Following the Bell riots,the districts are being closed down. Let's see the reaction of the Omni Consumer Products chairman, 'the Old Man',to the news that the Gotham Sanctuary is to be decanted..." I'm very disappointed in you, James.Very disappointed." "That's Commissioner Gordon to you...why?" "Because the stock of the Gotham sanctuary are revolting. Sanction them,now." "No,the Gotham police department exists to protect and serve all its citizens.We do things by the book here.The sanctuary residents have broken no law.they are free to go." "Very disappointing, James...OCP would have given your department the Enforcement Droid series 209 to sanction them.Dont interfere.with OCP." "Really? it's been 15 years since i had to take out a Green Beret. Nevertheless Ed-209 deserves a handicap." "So be it.James,this is Dick Jones.My right hand man. Dick ,We are no longer welcome here,relocate our headquarters to a more civilized city...Old Detroit!"
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( " 'If firefighters fight fire .And crime fighters fight crime.Then what do freedom fighters fight ? Greetings culture lovers!This is Slam Dunk! When last we left Diana of Themyscira she helped Erik Lehnsherr release his people from slavery in Genosha.But unknown to the Amazing Amazon, the business minded Genoshans were actually working for leftovers of the defeated Galactic Empire;the interstellar threat known as the imperial Rump! Now Diana rushes home from the conflict with General Zod after getting a message from her mother that Lex Luthor has revealed the kingdom's location to the imperial Rump in return for tech that will give him the edge over his rival Tony Stark! Now as revenge for Genosha, the Imperial rump have enslaved the Amazons to build Starkiller base! What will be Princess Diana's response?Find out in the 450th episode of 'Tales of the Gold Monkey'.Enjoy! ' )
On Themyscira... "Surrender, Amazon and I, General Lionel Hux shall make your sanction quick." "On the contrary you stand down or else I shall give your special forces the same deal that Zeus gave Uranus." "Really?Do tell." "Gender transition procedures. Gratis." "Honestly,Amazon,you're preaching to the converted.Private Phasma,let the Amazon give you free treatment then deal with her.Show her what the true inheritors of the Empire are really made off.Dew it,Now!" #scientificapple #magnificentsherbert

Meanwhile, a year before the Battle of Yavin on an alternate Tattooine... It is said that Greed for want of a better word,is good.Greed works.Greed clarifies and cuts through to the essence of the evolutionary spirit.But don't take any old raider's word for it.Whether it be Corporate or Tusken.No.Instead let the most virtuous practitioner of this noble philosophy explain it in his own way...
( "Day wanna wanga,Solo.Boska! Ho Ho Ho" )
"What is it, Jabba?" ( "I bring you good news,my boy.As of now you are part of my Black Ops team." ) "Yeah? Well a catering manager is still a tea lady and a smuggler is just a smuggler.You want extra? Pay more." ( "Han, my boy, you disappoint me. Is that anyway to speak to your benefactor? Anyway, I see you removed the deflector dish. Good. Use the old wormhole in the Dathomir system to get to a quiet backwater called Earth.When you arrive exchange the cargo for Black Cardomom with the fence.Her name is Tracy Whitney.Then return here with that spice.After all,he who controls the spice controls the universe! Ho Ho Ho " ) "What's the cargo?" (Ah... these,my boy, are the number two's of my ethics teacher,Roger the Alien! They are pure gold.Literally.I have arranged for two Tonnes of pure gold to be sent from his planet.It will also teach Ms Whitney a valuable lesson." ) "Really what's that?" ( "A con Artist should never double cross a crime lord.Never." ) "Okay,but I'm sure if she knew who you were....Hey...you weren't incognito at the time were you?" ( "Fair enough. I was." ) "So, what was your identity? (Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho "At that point in time? it was Maximilian Pierpont. " )
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Elsewhere.And it was the best of times and the worst of times.An age of Wonder and an age of ignorance.Just outside Bel Air,Missy makes a business visit to pop Superstar, Raquelle.Who just so happens to be a graduate diva with honors.Magna cum laude. "You are going to relocate your office to here?! No way,Missy!This is my private place." "No it's not, Raquelle.The whole of California isn't yours.Besides,the entire city block of our San Fransisco HQ has been turned into a Sanctuary district for the Gimmes,the Ghosts and the Dimms." "Plain english please, Missy." "A concentration camp/ghetto for The Unemployed, the homeless, and the mentally handicapped.Duh!" "That's not nice,Missy." "You're darn tootin! I meant you, Duh!" "This is terrible! Every social class likes my music.Can't we help?" "Ah, the 'We are the World' angle.Why, the potential profit margins are...Luv it! A few taps of my cell phone... Done!" "What did you do,Missy?" "I sent some chroniton particles to displace a regular transporter beam in the 24th century causing 3 Starfleet officers to go to 21st century San Francisco! Who knows? They may be granted Sanctuary by Governor Esmeralda Quasimodo! She sure does like to see that each sanctuary resident gets all the help and support that they need from their care givers. Have you seen the heat they pack?" "Yes,Missy." " Smokin'! So this action will cause your civilization to progress...and the USS Defiant to be mine.Now Raquelle, any good news for L'il ol' Missy?" "Yes, the sequel to Howard the Duck has been given the Greenlight. As of now I am starring in 'H2:the Fowl and the Furious.'" "You got the Greenlight?You go girl! My stock just went up over Two million!... Give it to Missy!"
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Meanwhile in an alternate reality before the oceans drank Atlantis and the rise of the Noble House of Struan's, in a galaxy a great distance from here,Jedi Master Plo Koon responds to Second Order representative William Blake... "No.“ Why ,Master Jedi? “Because Greed and Fear of Loss are the roots that lead to the tree of evil.The Second Order will fail."
"You says this even after' the shape of things to come ' has become known, Master Jedi? “I sense great deception on your part,Blake.And one should never become desperate enough to trust the untrustworthy:He who seeks to control fate shall never find peace.Dont you agree?"
"No I don't, actually ...Listen, I am sending you back."
"Good.Blake,those who enslave others inevitably become slaves themselves."
"Yada Yada yada.Laters."
And so moments later on the beach-head planet Najj-dah Supreme Chancellor Palpatine outlines his plan to present Members of the Jedi council."The 1st Battle of Shampoo went in favor of the separatists.Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational Battle station! Known as"Harbinger Advocating Truth Everlasting'., it is our response to the Malevolence superweapon.Honorable members of the Jedi High Council... through H.A.T.E. we shall bring peace to our Galaxy!"
Master Plo Koon speaks to Master Windu: "Activate order 65?" "No." says Master Windu.First we go through that wormhole Dooku went through. Then we see what he wrought."
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"Meanwhile it is 29 years later in a parallel universe. And Ms Amanda Waller has been informed by President Lex Luthor to meet him and Ms Mercy Graves at 'la petit Salle' , an exclusive and swanky eatery owned by Barbara Roberts,Theresa Rivera and Pop Diva Raquelle and located in the Capitol... " Ms Waller,you really should try the Tofu Jalapeno Cupcake." "No thank you Mr President, Your cupcake is identical to the healthy food that we serve our guests at Belle Reve in order to calm them down when they get agitated. " "Ah well,it's Your loss.It goes particularly well with a cup of freshly brewed Granny's​ Special tea...Now down to business.I want you to Separate 'Taskforce Omega' from the Department of Extranormal Operations." "Why?"
"To show this Nation that someone watches the watchers:Secretary of Defense Anthony Stark is using his goon squad to further the goals of the inner circle of the Cognoscenti.in this case the return of the herald of Galacticus.'' "Don't you mean Galactus, mr President?" No, Ms Waller I don't...Ms Graves,what are Stark's goon squad called?" "The Sultans of Swing,Sir." "Thank you, Ms Graves .Now, Ms Waller, do You see Stark's arrogance? he is in Dire Straits! Really, this situation is unacceptable." "Why, Mr President?" "Because Ms Waller, with great power comes great responsibility. But The Cognoscenti will usher in a united global government that sets a basic universal income for all. Poverty will vanish. Borders will disappear.And presently acceptable​ scapegoating of the poor and refugees for all of society's problems will become unacceptable.Technological advancement will greatly increase.But our republic will collapse like the western half of Rome." "Why?" "Because , unfortunately,there is no place for Luthorcorp in the Cognoscenti and what is good for Luthorcorp is good for the world. No...Stark must be brought to justice for this treasonous act, Ms Waller.This is an executive decision...Understood?" "Consider it done Mr Luthor."
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Meanwhile it is 1988,at the time of the sixth republic. And in Paris, Gendarme Jacques L'oiseau has been summoned to the office of chief inspector Hubert Foie-gras of the Sûreté...
"I put you on traffic duties and you still mess up! That blindman, Aldo 'the fox' Vanucchi ,was the look out for his master...The gold bullion smuggler Tees Maar Khan!"
"That is impossible, Sir."
"Why ?" "Because he is blind." "Oh really? Then tell me how does an idiot become a policeman?Answer me that!" "Easy,Sir.All he has to do is enlist..." "Shut up!...Anyway, you're here because of the jewel heists we are experiencing..." "But Sir, Lady Camilla Lipton is the culprit.She is the notorious Silver Phantom! Jewel thief par excellence!"
"And as i keep informing you, L'oiseau,show me the evidence!"
"It is right there. In that file in front of you."
This? lets see... oh yes, here in june 1985, the peoples' republic of Carraway, 'the jewel of the Delta' goes missing... and there , in 1984 ,in the Democratic republic of Cardamom,'El corazon' vanished...But voila! look at this ...Joan Wilder was present on both occasions!...i take it Ms Wilder is suspect?" "The Joan Wilder?" "Yes." "No, Sir." "Why?" "Because ,Sir, Wilder is American.The main witness says the thief is British." "Who is the Main witness?" "Fozzie the bear .At both times Lipton was at both locations and also in the kingdom of Wakamibia. " "Let me guess... she took 'the Panther'." "No. Actually the Panther is the ruler of Wakamibia. Lipton took the fabled 'Black Panther' diamond and a consignment of Oscilatium" "Wakamibia! You imbicile,L'oiseau! Don't you mean Wakanda and vibranium? "No." 'Then why did i say them?' ''Exactement, Perhaps,it is the mandela effect.Our history is being rewritten...Or your memory is the finest crumbly Helevita fromage." "That ,L'Oiseau, is Looney Tunes" "Au contraire...Looney Toons." "Right ,that does it! you are finished! i shall drum you out of the Sûreté faster than..."
The phone rings..."That was the President.You are reinstated to your rank .The Sultan of Lambtagine wants your help to recover the Blue Bagheera... Inspector L'oiseau!"
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Meanwhile,ages and ages hence plus 461 years for good measure, inside the Romulan side of the neutral zone, Admiral Tomalak is annoyed...
" Identify yourself!" "You mean on a viewscreen?How quaint.Very well, Tomalak.Better? I am Alexander Luthor and he is Superman Prime." "This is outrageous! What is the meaning of this?" "Meaning Admiral? Surely i have made my intention plain.Superman prime has disabled your Warbirds and the Borg cube that you had engaged in battle.And when he makes the return pass, he will sanction you...unless you send Commander Tebok to parle with Captain Picard when you restablish communication with the Federation for the first time in decades.Oh yes one more thing.Have Tebok deny all knowledge
of the Borg." "Why?You jest Luthor!" "Really?You're wacky doodle.We neutralised the Borg cube, disabled the Quantum Singularity that powers the warp drive of your so called great birds of the galaxy and You're on Emergency power.Do as i ask and i will be Merciful.Luthor out." "Alexander, the Borg want to talk to you" "Really?Let them speak,Prime." "We are the borg.We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.From this day forth you will service us." "Au contraire,mes amis.Brother Eye!" "Yes, Alexander?" "Assimilate and augment the Borg!" "Very well, Alexander.EYE will comply."
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Meanwhile ,Elsewhen. And Mr Bobba Fett, Esquire, is about learn this Lesson: no matter how good he thinks is at bounty hunting,there is someone better at it than him...
"You.Freeze.Now.The price on that head belongs to me." "No,Bobba.Slartibartfast the 42nd is mine.Now go away,little man." "Insolent Dog! you're no Alpha.I am." "Really? I've been in the Doghouse.I served with Johnny Alpha.I knew Johnny Alpha.Johnny Alpha was a friend of mine.And let me tell you something,Fett...You're no Johnny Alpha." "Enough. Release him and i will let you live." "No Bobba,finders keepers.Remember, Lord Vader is watching.Now put away that little toy before you do yourself a mischief.And in any event as befits your lowly status, i will stun you."
"You Shame us! the entire profession!You leave me no choice."
"Oh now you know me! But you are a special clone aren't you?Perhaps not...Listen, you only have Mandalorian armor, whereas i am not from this timeline.You don't stand a chance,Fett.Choose."
"On the count of three...one..."
"Fett....You know your pappa is still alive?"
"Yeah, i'm gonna find him... two..."
"Tsk,tsk,So be it...three." #scientificapple #magnificentsherbert .

Meanwhile Elsewhen, ' "200 years have passed since the failed attempt by the Conspirators aka the founding fathers to secede the 13 colonies from Great Britain.The attempt was thwarted by that great and loyal patriot,David Farnsworth.For his noble work,Farnsworth was given Massachusetts.which renamed Farnsworthshire.And the continent of North America was renamed West Britannia after the conspirators signed the Declaration of Dependence." That doesn't sound right,Your Lordship.' said Danny Wilde as he finished reading 'Foundation' magazine. "Why not,Daniel?"asked Lord Brett Sinclair.as he waved to Teresa Rivera who has just arrived at the Farnworthshire hotel to give the duo an assignment from Judge Fulton."Problem,Danny?" asks Teresa. "Yes.locked out" replies Danny.And so Danny kneels in front of the hotel room door, trying to pick its lock.
"Observe,Teresa.Spencer Tracy once took a pipe cleaner...an ordinary pipe cleaner...and by inserting it into the lock, and moving it around in intricate positions... you know, I could be a gentleman cracksman with this-"
At the same time,Brett, who went out a window, onto a ledge and into the room through its window, opens the door from the inside.
"There's no need to kneel,Daniel.I'm a very democratic sort of lord."
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Meanwhile elsewhen,President Rassilon has arranged a news conference.
"I will now field some questions from the press corp...Yes.You."
"Christine Everhart, Mojo News Network.Mr President, can you tell us why Dorothy Gale is such a threat?"
"Because ,Ms Everhart ,the Grand Unified Multiversal Systems relies on Order to function.This is the opposite of free will.The anti life equation would have eliminated free will.Alas,Ms Gale chose not share the location of the final part of the equation with the new leader of GUMS, His Excellency Lord Darkseid of Apokolips.For this she was punished." "Is it true that She escaped?" "No.That is an alternative fact.She was sent 116 years to her planet's Future.From there she was sent to 'Dreamy-Boom-Boom' the maximum security stockade in the Crunchy Energy Cascade.But she was broken out from there by Wade Wilson and Papa Smurf.And they sent her to another Muliverse.Because of this heinous Crime,Wade Wilson and the Smurfs have been declared Foes of GUMS.Even now their homeworld is being cleansed by forces sent by our ally,the Imperious Leader." "But Mr President,how is order being maintained without the anti life Equation?" His excellency Lord Darkseid has arranged the broadcast of a new series called 'Everybody loves Hypnotoad' to bring Calm,Harmony and unite the Multiverse ----All Glory to the Hypnotoad!
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Meanwhile in Springfield...
"We Simpsons truly are the ambassadors of high culture and civilization;First we offended Australia and Brazil and now we've insulted the city of Boston. Truly, our work has just begun.Apu my good man! i'm parched. Gimme that #magnificentsherbert !" "This?Sorry, Bart, Prof. Frink ordered me to give Homer a good squishy."
"Really?" "Yes,Prof. Frink and the Springfield Higher Institute of Technology have been given a contract by General Thaddeus Ross to develop a new generation of super soldiers!'' "Cool! So Apu, how did Frink do this and what's this got to do with my dad?" "Well the creation of Captain Yankee Doodle Dandy during WW2 was unique.Since then there have only been Happy Chaps and an abomination! So,taking inspiration from ancient Rome,Frink discovered that the Gladiators of ancient Rome did not have the physique of Rainier Wolfcastle.Instead they had the physique of your father." "Allright!...How come,Apu?" "Protection!Because the dense extra layer of Flab acts as the ultimate Defense mechanism and lets the gladiator take a really good pounding! Whereas for the gladiator having the physique of Macbain such a pounding would have crippled them for life! Besides which, this defensive layer of flab made for outstanding entertainment in the gladitorial arena.So Bart...where is your dad?" "He's gone to pick up mom and Aunt Selma.But our Car broke down." "Oh deary deary me! Homer's the involuntary prototype for Frink's super soldier! Frink directed an electromagnetic pulse at Your Dad's car.Being late to collect your Aunt Selma will cause her to unleash a furious display of the deadly Martial art of which she is a master : Tongue-Fu! Quick Bart, her finishing move is the Sharp Tongue! I should know! No ordinary human can survive that deadly sonic barrage.Your dad that needs that flab!he needs a good squishy!" "Oh yeah?.. hmm,a Kwik-e-mart super Serum! So tell me Apu, my good man ,how come you know about the super soldier project?" "Easy! Number one told us at the Wednesday meeting of The Stonecutters at our HQ.We control both COBRA and SHIELD "Oh really, Apu?" "Yes, We do! We do!!!" #scientificapple

Meanwhile in another time and another place...
Greetings and salutations from Apokolips,Alexander Luthor.How goes your efforts to insulate our multiverse from the effects of the oncoming crisis?"
"How very droll ,Prime.Darkseid ,you are not.But in answer to your query:All in good time.Now...i take it you have accomplished the little task i set for you?"
"Yeah,Alexander. I opened a spacetime portal from the year 1962 to 2066 thus ensuring that Dr Banner becomes the first Happy Chap." "Why did you say that Prime?" "Because, like Mr Wayne, he is called Bruce and is also a bundle of joy."
"You dolt.I told you to send Banner from 1962 to 2066.So that he never becomes Happy Chap.I need Kryptonians for my plan to work,Prime.In particular ,Power Girl.Banner is a poor substitute.Instead you opened a Temporal corridor that will be studied by SHIELD which will ensure the creation of the Time Lords as well as the Asgardians and Apokoliptians and thus Darkseid."
But it also creates the Kryptonians, Alexander.Which is what i want. Don't you want me to be around to aid you?"
"There you go again ,Prime.Jumping the Gun.To cause a spatial-temporal inversion with a Ninety nine percent chance of success i have to remove the key flashpoints.All you have done is ensured a timeline with the Sisterhood of Karn and the creation of UNIT instead of SHADO in the Year 1980.No ,We want the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood and the Swordmasters of Ginaz for this to work.Start again."
"No way, Alexander." "Why?" "Because,Alexander, that is a feudal society that lasts for thousands of years." "But surely with great power comes great responsibility? After you alter events to suit you,what then,Prime? The imperial class system of Faufreluches imposes order and civility.They can stop the rise of the thinking machines that Ultron will create."
"So what? It's not my problem.This is my time.My time...I will have my version of Earth back!"
"Tsk,Tsk.Very well,Prime. Do it your way.But don't say i didn't warn you.Now...go and turn Doctor Banner into a Happy Chap!
#scientificapple #magnificentsherbert

Meanwhile, elsewhen, John Clayton iii, Jane Porter, Allan Quartermain ,Tom Swift and Prince Dakkar are in a meeting with 'M' at the Secret Service's headquarters in the capital..."I am sorry Quartermain.But we cannot interfere.Dorothy Gale is on her own.As the Current 'M' my word is final." "But ,M,she saved our dimension.Is this how we repay her?! She has been found guilty ,on false charges, of executing the Wicked Witch of the West in a showtrial.Allow my group to mount a rescue." "No, Quartermain. International Statute of Secrets applies.You Muggles are always interfering. "What did you say ?"said Jane Porter. "I said 'you have muddled thinking'." said M."No,he didn't." Said John Clayton iii. "I heard him.Let's go." Outside the Ministry,
Prince Dakkar voiced the consensus."We face a new dark age.Darkseid will cause the stagnation of scientific knowledge because the transmission of learning will be restricted to a genetically chosen elite.M is one of them. So no help from that front.The calculations from my 'quantum differential engine' show Ms Gale will re enter our universe 116 years from now.I will give instructions to our friends in Wakanda to pass onto Ms Gale the means for her to return home.But one problem remains.How will she know that her friends have not forgotten her? Time travel can be messy." "Leave that to me."Said Tom Swift. "Visual records of Ms Gale's show trial kept by me will be passed onto my descendants.There is a high probability one of them one of them will help Ms Gale.Cheer up, people." Said Tom confidently."After all...tomorrow is another day!"
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Meanwhile,in a parallel universe...
Some years earlier,Janet van Dyne enlisted the help of the Doctor in a search...
"Thank you for coming ,Doctor.Sorry about the delay.Missy sent me Raquelle, to be brand ambassador for Van Dyne Inc." "What?" "Quite.Raquelle really lives up to image as a diva.She caused a big scene.Do you know She said her contract with 'Guava Clique' took priority? What arrogance!...Anyway, back on topic...As you know, after the Hulkbuster Armor tests were put on hiatus by Stark, Hank Pym carried on with his research concerning the 'quantum realm'.But he has since disappeared into this...'Microverse' .
"What?" "I know...Scott Lang had gone there to rescue him.But he too has since become lost."replied Janet Van Dyne.
"What?!" "Yes, it's terrible. To think that both of them went through that gateway with no means of return to our univer... "Janet Van Dyne paused.
"What?!!" At this point Janet Van Dyne Spoke: "Doctor,Either you're disoriented or you're dlspleased.Which is it?"
"Hmm?oh I'm sorry Ms Van Dyne, did you miss me?Yeah, but,no,but,yeah... I was just multitasking with Rose Tyler, Rose Tyler and Mickey via a temporal intradimensional sonic corridor I just opened since transatlantic telecommunications have just gone down.However,back to your point. Pym and Lang shouldn't have done that.The barriers between multiverses are naturally closed for good reason.Each time they are opened there are consequences.So Ms Van Dyne, do you still want my help?" Janet Van Dyne responded at a level that the Doctor understood: "Yeah,but,no,but,yeah." The Doctor was pleased by her answer and said "Alrighty then,Allons-y!" #scientificapple #magnificentsherbert #tranquiltoys #actionfigsaredolls

Elsewhere, ages and ages hence in another multiverse...For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.The First Order's gathering of Khyber Crystals has been noticed by the Celestial Intervention Agency, who have sent a time traveller who speaks with a Scottish accent to the Planet Of Ooshies to get the Ooshies help to thwart the gathering by the First Order..."You have to stop those ships."Said the Doctor."Sorry, we can't help." said Batman. "I concur." said Wonder Woman."But if you keep allowing the First Order to take the Crystals then the Daleks will weaponize the Tantalus Eye and the Time Lords will respond by sending a fleet of Battle TARDISes to vaporize this planet.The treaty of Skaro will be rescinded and a time war will erupt." said the Doctor."Tough.Leave."said Batman."Okay,Chuckles." responds the Doctor."That's not my name."says Batman."No,it's Chuckles.I've got a lot to think about without everybody having their own names.You're Chuckles. And you..."the Doctor said pointing to Princess Diana of Themyscira "... You're Daphne."
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Meanwhile, in a parallel universe,a long time ago in a galaxy far,far away... Over Thirty Years in the future,the treaty that aligned the First Order with Darkseid of Apokolips has been implemented.Now,the advantages of this alliance are being realised,much to the benefit of the First Order...But not so to those that are the object of the First Order's plans.
Now,new territories are being annexed by the First order which have swathes of Khyber Crystals .Crystals that will eventually power their super-duper technology.Much to the pleasure of Hugo Damask and the Intergalactic Banking Clan who finance both the New Republic as well as the First Order.Because, for the moment , at least this aspect of First Order Expenditure has now been minimized. Now ,as the first waves of stormtroopers prepare to carry out their orders in a brave new world, Kylo Ren gives a few words of encouragement to his forces after their initial briefing.
"Captain Phasma, the historical events of one universe are mere stories in another.What do the Initials S.E. mean in the phrase 'Star Wars S.E.'?"
"Special Edition,Sir."
"No. they stand for 'Sanitation Engineers'.Should you fail in your assignment then you and the legions under your command shall spend time here: cleansing Starkiller Base as your reward for failure.Understood?"
"Yes, Sir." "Good.Dismissed."
#scientificapple #magnificentsherbert #tranquiltoys #actionfigsaredolls

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, a long time ago, in a galaxy far,far, away...
A few hours have passed since the celebrations for the overthrow of the Empire have ended. And Luke Skywalker is getting ready to leave the Forest Moon of Endor.
"Hey,Luke,Why are you going?" asks Han Solo.
"There is a great disturbance in the Force,Han.The end of Palpatine marks the Return of the Jedi.The Force is now balanced....But the real Phantom Menace is still out there."
"What do you mean by that,Luke ?" asks Princess Leia. " Master Yoda once said: 'Always two there are; no more, no less. A master and an apprentice.' I sensed great fear, anger, and Hate at the passing of Palpatine and also excitement for future. The true dark lord of the Sith wants revenge...He revealed his presence to ensure a confrontation...Luke pauses as if he is recalling past memories and smiles.
"Care to share your thoughts,Kid ?" asks Han.
" Something Master Yoda once said:' To answer power with power, the Jedi way this is not. In this war, a danger there is, of losing who we are.'..The New republic is going to Naboo to expel the Imperial remnants from there into Wildspace. And then drive them into the unknown regions...i'm going along to make sure the Sith don't engineer these events to their benefit."
"Not by yourself,you're not,Kid."Says Han."We're coming with you."
#scientificapple #magnificentsherbert #tranquiltoys #actionfigsaredolls

Meanwhile in a parallel universe, on Eternia,Man-at-Arms has summoned He-Man.
"What is so important that it requires both Superman and me,Duncan?" "Important? In earth orbit at 11:11:11 Pacific standard time,The Justice League Watchtower intercepted an encoded message from another universe. Decrypted the Message says 'Your DISCO needs you.' "
"So what?" "Well, it just so happens that over the last few months Darkseid has been busy.He has exiled Dorothy Gale to an alternate reality.There ,the Captain Teela of that timeline has kept watch over Dorothy Gale from a distance.Darkseid has also been equipping Hordak and the Horde with advanced Technology which has led to Granymr breaking his silence and informing She-Ra and the Great Rebellion on Etheria about the source of their problems.Finally Darth Sidious,for his own reasons, caused the creation of the Superhuman Jon Ostermann and advanced a technologically backward Earth creating The Second Order in the process." "And?" "This action by Sidious caused the Successor to the Galactic Empire,the First Order,to invade another earth to prevent the Creation of the Second Order."
"So what do you want us to do?"
"Simple: To stop a spatial-temporal-war, you must go to Starkiller base and prevent the First Order from firing their weapon at Earth. Oh yes,One other thing... do not influence the events concerning the House of Skywalker.The same edict applies for the Scion of Palpatine.Let her discover own her destiny." "Let Me guess,The treaty of Skaro applies in these matters?" "Yes.Breach it at your peril.Understood?"
"Good.Any questions?...No?Then i bid all three of you Good Journey."
"Good Journey."
#Scientificapple #magnificentsherbert #tranquiltoys #actionfigsaredolls

Meanwhile in a parallel universe ages and ages hence at place called Gotham...
"Not afraid,Wanda?Good.Then see that which i have already shown your brother. I will imprint directly into your memory cells the information you require.Now,Do you not see the 'help and support' HYDRA gave to your father to 'nurture' his powers.Do you not hear the last words of Your Grandmother as the catalyst was activated? HYDRA gave you your powers but they destroyed your family...And you still want to aid Hydra?! Good... Good! i see much anger in you.Anger leads to Hate.Hate leads to suffering.And we all know where that leads to. So Wanda...if it is truly justice that you seek then will you not join forces with me?"
Wanda contacts her brother; "Pietro, yes or No?"
Pietro replies : "yes". Wanda then addresses her new metallic associate."Very well but know this : you are a deceiver and one doesn't need telepathy or empathy to understand this fact.Do not double cross us,Tin-Man."
"The thought never crossed my mind.Don't worry,Wanda:Alles ist gut."
#scientificapple #magnificentsherbert
#tranquiltoys #actionfigsaredolls

Meanwhile in a parallel Universe, a long time ago ,in a galaxy far, far,away... At the beach head on Hoth,The time is T-3 Hours until the imperial assault on Echo base begins.And Lord Vader has a question for one of the members of the 501st Legion.
"Lt Dan, shouldn't you be a General by now?"
"Please accept my apologies,Lord Vader.But when i was at the Dunehearst imperial military academy , i failed the 'Received pronounciation' course and did not progress any further .All those hours practicing the phrase 'the rain on Tatooine falls mainly on the plain' was driving me round the bend."
"Disturbing.You do know that all warfare is based on deception.Who said that?" "Princess Diana of Themyscira...Lord Vader,there are others better qualified than me to serve in that capacity.The greatest advantage of me speaking the truth is that i don't have to remember what i said.That way i can concentrate on more immediate matters such as bring back my platoon in one piece."
"Impressive.With the exception of Loyalty to the Emperor,the only people i want to serve in the 501st are those individuals who never made me question theirs.Lt Dan,i am giving you a field promotion to the rank of Captain.And take this private with you.His name is Hux.Forrest Hux."
But Lord Vader , won't he spoil the dynamics of the team so close to the assault?"
"Most impressive. There is a time storm coming.Pvt Hux,please explain the matter to Captain Dan."
"Yes Lord Vader,Sir! Y'see like my momma says, life is like a box of Chocolates: You never know what you're gonna get.'
#scientificapple #tranquiltoys #actionfigsaredolls

Meanwhile in a parallel universe,Lucius Fox has made managed to contact his employer.. .
"What is it now,Lucius ? I'm busy."
I'm sorry Mr Wayne.Are you... Spelunking?" "Yes".
Then i'll be quick.Your employee, Scott Lang...He is a Quantum Leaper, right?" "Yes, he zips through the microverse like a hot knife through butter.But he's not a 'brick like me'.Nor you.He is from another universe.And he has already helped us to prepare for an invasion by a group called the "Avengers initiative".
So i take it you want me to approve his requests?" "Yes." "Very well.But where did you first encounter him ,Mr Wayne?" "At the Springfield Heights Institute of Technology.He interupted the unveiling of the Zero calorie donut.Caused quite a scene ,claiming that 'Matter can neither be created or destroyed! This place is S**T!' "

#scientificapple #magnificentsherbert #tranquiltoys #actionfigsaredolls

Meanwhile on a parallel earth, sometime later,Commander Maria Hill has carried out Director Fury's Order.
" SHADO legacy protocol alpha-ninety-nine has been activated, Director Fury. The Omega Directive is now in force."
"Good work, Commander Hill. Ms Roberts did you use quantum computing to decode the message?"
"No there wasn't enough time. I had to MacGyver the remnants of the Joint Intelligence Neural Network.Commander Hill officially sanctioned it."
"Unfortunately desperate times call for desperate measures.But we will deal with that when the time comes.We need help.A problem shared is a problem halved...Ms Roberts, is your MacGyvered Joint Intelligence Neural Network able to broadcast an encrypted message?"
"Yes.What is the message that you want encrypted,Director Fury?"
"This: 'Your DISCO Needs You." #scientificapple #magnificentsherbert
#tranquiltoys #actionfigsaredolls

Meanwhile in a parallel universe ages and ages hence,and in a galaxy far, far away...The deputy director of SHIELD,Maria Hill wants answers from Barbara Roberts.And She wants them now.
"Have you decoded the message in the carrier wave,Ms Roberts?"
"Yes,the message says "This world is a nuisance to the First Order and to the great Spatial-Temporal powers. The First Order stands ready to assist Apokolips".
#scientificapple #magnificentsherbert #tranquiltoys #actionfigsaredolls

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