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Brianna Howard  mind your biscuits and life will be gravy

soon to be seniors 😬

Paul Ryan to Trump: look Donny, everything the light touches is our kingdom. (probably)

luckily my best friends are Republicans 🐘congrats to this gal on following in my footsteps, @cuarepublicans is lucky to have you!

obviously laughing at the 420 protestors in the background #hillternlife

aesthetic 10/10, taste 0/10 🦄🦄🦄

four kids who still get excited for the Easter bunny 🐰

home is where the heart is & my heart is always with you ❤️

may or may not have donated to @cuaalumni to get this cookie #guilty #130yearsofbasiligrams

130 years looks good on you @catholicuniversity ✨Founders Day 2017

amazing place with better people ⚓️

three years later & I still love CUA just as much as I did on my Odyssey Day ♥️

today's the day 🇺🇸 v o t e HowardWeiss ✔️

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