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Jessica 🌿  Specializing in brows that are feathery, pillowy & "undone-done". πŸ’« *Dermablading to come Summer 2017. 🏑 Independent home visits πŸ“²616.250.0747

Fluffy fluffy brows are my jam.
PRODUCTS @damonerobertsproducts brow mascara @suqqu_official brow pen and the @anastasiabeverlyhills modern renaissance palette on the eyeballs. @lauramercier liner in naked and @trishmcevoy cheek and lip stain in red.

For the longest time I was embarrassed by how much I loved to do brows. I didn't want to be seen as "that& #34; girl. You know, the one who's obsessed with beauty and talks like a YouTube'r , who has nothing depthy or interesting to say. The girl obsessed with her appearance. I thought that in order to be successful at my job I had to conform and turn myself into something I'm not: THAT girl! Turns out, that's not a thing at all. I can still love to transform people's faces AND have an intelligent conversation about politics or global warming or big pharma.
I have done this work professionally now for 6 years.
I didn't promote my work because to me it was among work like anybody else. I'm just now learning that I truly am among the best and have the potential to be the best if I keep on keeping on. My work is a little different than what I typically see on Insta or see what brow and lash bars are putting out. It's not boxy or overly filled in. I take a no fuss approach and have mastered the shapely, feathery, wispy undone-done brow. It's functional and it's not over the top. It's not a ton of upkeep either. An appointment every 5-6 weeks will maintain.
This is one of my clients who I've been working with for the last year. She is using #neubrow @neulashme and getting regular tints as well as mild clean up and shaping. #brows #bestofbrows
Thanks to my client for being so good about taking a photo. 😍😘

Makeup by @naetherese - glitter lashes and eyes by Carol Slomp @leighsfashions and I do this lovely lady's brows (she's my coworker and the only other person besides me who touches my brows) 😜 #leighsfashions #boomerang #nyemakeup #glitter #eyes #ladiesofleighs

This gorgeous mama of 3's before and after brow photos! #browtransformation

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a good ol fashioned brow transformation. This is my client who contacted me after she found me through another client. Both clients had similar brow goals- they wanted fuller, thicker, more un-done youthful brows and thankfully that's what I specialize in! She looks amazing!!! This #browtransformation has taken one year total to get to. With the help of #neubrow , regular tinting, leaving the brows alone, and regular shaping, this is possible. #esthetician #browspecialist #proud #clientsbelike

Was going to completely delete this Instagram... then thought to myself, uh, I'll use it as my business page to showcase a little of what I do on an (almost) daily basis.
I'm taking business classes currently to hopefully open my own space by this time next year.
This is one of my favorite clients and favorite client transformations. No one else saw the potential in her brows and kept over shaping them. We tint and shape every 3-4 weeks and I have her using a serum. Brows on the left are when we met a year ago. Brows on the right are from 2 months ago. You CAN get results that aren't these crap trendy Instagram overly done brows that I see. I specialize in the natural full "un-done& #34; brow. Let me know if that's something you would be interested in getting. (616) 942-6300 ☎️ Or text (616)250-0747 πŸ“²

Am no longer going to be using this account. Go follow me on @morningswithmarguerite , for those of you who missed the announcement. Thanks. This account will be deleted.

Going forward, my posts will be on @morningswithmarguerite so follow me there. Thanks friends. I feel that this chapter of my life has come to an end and I'm beginning something better. Please only follow me if you're genuinely interested in our little life. I won't be adding nearly as many people, and this account will eventually be closed. Thank you. ✌🏼️

Curious. PS: hi friends! I will be using Instagram very sparingly and will only be following few. I'll write more about this change later. Two weeks away does a mama good. #margueriteglenrene

Time to focus on my little family, my work, buying a home, and all the other things. So Instagram this is farewell for now. Instagram can consume you and it can make you want things you don't need. It can get you caught up in comparing your life to another's . I feel particularly sensitive to this. My life isn't where I want it to be yet- we're getting there, but it takes time to rebuild yourself- especially after you've welcomed a new member into your family. As a mother, I truly believe your focus should be on your children and bettering your future as a family and not busy scrolling through your insta feed while your baby lacks attention. So I say with very, very loving goodbyes- please keep in mind what is real. Instagram can be a very dark place. I know that it can also be inspiring! But for now, it's just something that leaves me feeling sad and disconnected, left out, not important- all of which I know I am not in real life. So interweb me is taking a hiatus for who knows how long. I have loved having you in my life. Please reach out to me and check in on my blog writing or text me, email me,
I wish very much to have you in my life. Just not on this platform. I want to enjoy my family, my summer, my work & my dreams. ✌🏼️I will be checking in on this today. But as of tomorrow morning, I'm gone for awhile. So much love to you all. It's time to focus all my energy on my family. ❀️

My mom sent me this photo tonight of #margueriteglenrene who is actual perfection. It was on her evening walk while my mom watched her for a few hours. #oldsoul #sheknowsthings 😭❀️😍

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