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N’awlins you were good to us! Thank you to all of these beautiful ladies for making my first #NewOrleans trip a truly memorable one. Good eats, lots of booze and an abundance of craziness & laughter going on. I love you all so very much and grateful to have each of you in my life. A special thank you to @2a_permanent_beauty for making all of the goodie bags and overall coordination of this trip, @ilashstudiosf for the fun games and decorations, and @cathyphan22 and her cousin for feeding us delicious food, especially the crawlies!! Here’s to counting down the days until we all meet again ladies ❤️... #WeCameWeSawWeConquered #nawlins #nola #palacecafe #cafedumonde #airboatadventures

Touch-up session...added Ombré Powder to these babies. My client’s hairstrokes healed nicely, but she wanted a little more *oomph*...😍 Hope everyone’s having a good #ThirstyThursday

Microstrokes + ombré powder. We previously did microstrokes throughout her brows, and while her strokes healed beautifully in her bulbs, the strokes in her tails weren’t as prominent. During today’s appt, I suggested that we add the ombré powder technique for better retention and definition in her tails. Zero filters going on here, just #flawlessskin 😍 #envious

Ombré powder brows 💕 #tuesdaytransformation

Permanent Makeup Removal using #TattooRemoov - this was the first session. I’m very happy with the results as you can see that a significant amount of pigment was lifted from my client’s skin. There are many removal techniques being offered in the permanent makeup industry, but I truly see remarkable results with this technique. My client’s have little downtime between sessions and their skin isn’t compromised during the process. The results truly speak for itself. Thank you @linda_paradis_88 @paradislinda for spreading the knowledge and educating PMU artists worldwide! 💕

Friday feels...💕 #microstrokes & #powderbrows

Reshaped my client’s brows to eliminate the rounded, high arch. Isn’t she gorgeous? Natural beauty is always 👌🏻

In love with this #browtransformation 😍

New brows for my beautiful client. I am TRULY grateful for the continued support from all of my clients & potential clients near and far. Many thanks & much love ❤️

Microstrokes + Ombre Powder

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