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Sanjeev  "Brownnoize"...a tongue-in-cheek reference for potty mouths with a fecal sense of humor. But also an indy toy label mining for old-school funk!


Been a ill minute since my last post, so I figured I'd share a couple pics of my latest score: Marmit's heisei-era Mechagodzilla. I was never a big fan of the movie (though Fire Rodan was pretty cool)...the concept of Mechagodzilla being "good" and simply a machine piloted by humans just ain't right. At least with the millennium MG films, Kiryu was depicted as a perversion of nature, prone to going berserk. Still, heisei MG is a dope design and I'm happy to have such a beautiful rendering of him in my collection.

I haven't raved nearly enough about ARM's Spiral Zone/GI Joe-inspired "LOBAT" keshigomu tank. Many folks don't realize it's FULLY compatible with Bandai's Spiral Zone series 2 tank. Brilliant keshi-engineering! ;)

Hi-Metal R Dougram. It's a nice robot.

Experienced pocket defenders. From left to right, vintage Spiral Zone series 2 tank driver, @ericnilla's and my Tonka-inspired Monoseed II/Rimfire Cannon officer custom, @bitfigs' brilliant Pheyden, and @alienrobotmonster's flawless GI Joe-inspired LOBAT driver.

#MacrossMonday in the house...with an interesting figure set from Takatoku I recently scored from fb. They're mostly static lumps of diecast and plastic that look nice on a shelf. Love this particular interpretation of the SDF-1!

Combat Joe.

Being pretty much complete on the #Toho #Marusan/#Bullmark figures, I haven't picked up a vintage #kaiju in ages. I kinda-sorta had a "one per sculpt" rule going...so when I got my first pink #Hedorah, my previous yellow ones got sold or traded. Turns out I ended up picking up a second pink one (Hawaiian versus Japanese release)...but even then, I realized I missed the yellow color scheme! I recently spotted this guy and the vibrant paint and amazing condition sealed the deal.

Been meaning to post this guy for a bit--this is the one toy I picked up on my own "in the wild" at #Zolocon a couple months back (wasn't really planning on buying anything, but when I saw this lil fella, I couldn't resist!). The #Excalibur from #Robotech--originally the #Tomahawk from #Macross...and also the #Warhammer from #Battletech--is one of my favorite mecha designs from the 80's. Very "real robot" in its aesthetics, and not needlessly humanoid in design. Just wish they didn't get blown up so damn easily in the cartoon! :P These #Exosquad releases were always so weird to me. I dug that show...but it came at a time in my life when I had "outgrown" toys. Obviously the show had NOTHING to do with Robotech/Macross...and yet here was this beloved design from my childhood in the form of a toy I woulda killed for back then!

The conclusion to "The Bronze God of Bakurados" is now up on my blog (linked in my profile)! And for those interested in purchasing the Quazarec and/or Toron action figures, head on over to DoomKick.com. I think we've created something really special here, and I'm happy to share it with y'all! ;)

Quazarec drops this Thursday on DoomKick.com! If you haven't already read his "first appearance" story, Part 1 is now posted on my blog (linked in my profile), along with links that'll help new fans get caught up on the excellent ongoing TEWOJ story! Part 2 will be posted on Thursday...stay tuned. ;)

Okay, while we're gearing up for Quazarec's official release, I thought I'd post this gem I recently unboxed. Baragon from Bullmark's Zinclon "Bullpet" line. Chogokin kaiju. Y'know...to keep it real with my vintage Japanese toy people! ;)

Guys, more...SO much more...coming very soon. I've been busy. ;) For now, please enjoy this teaser!

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