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Brown Mujeres Media  Original content. Breaking down theorized radical politics to digestible graphics & humbly serving POC. Unapologetically serving #WOC. #Guachichil 🌵🦌🏴

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🎤”Black and Brown Punk Fest TX”✊🏽
Xingonas in the Pit presents: "Black and Brown Punk Fest TX"
Inspired by Chicago’s “Or Does it Explode: Black, Brown & Indigenous Crew,” Oakland’s “The Universe is Lit,” and NYC’s “No Flowers for Yt Powers,” we aim to join the DIY movement geared towards uniting punk artists of color…but in the South!! We need YOUR help to make this happen!
- Because we have several talented performers traveling to San Antonio, 100% of the fundraising (including admission from the door) will cover the travel & performing fees of all of our musicians, our photographer, and our flyer artist.
- One of the goals of "Black and Brown Punk Fest TX" is to get artists of color PAID for their work as creators of culture.
-In the spirit of all things DIY, we are not corporate sponsored and rely entirely on the support of our community - we humbly ask you to consider donating. REMEMBER ANY AMOUNT HELPS ($5, $10, $20+) & YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
So why is “Black and Brown Punk Fest TX” important? - Because we are tired of hetero hyper-masculine white-centered music scenes that lack safety and inclusivity! - Because we are not given credit for our contributions to punk! (& our work is culturally appropriated) - Because in a time when the people in power are harming us, we need to build sustainable, creative communities where our voices & talents are heard and celebrated! .
LINEUP: -FEA (San Antonio, TX)
-AMYGDALA (San Antonio, TX)
-MAMIS (Austin, TX)
-DONTE OXUN (Houston, TX)
DATE: October 20th, 2018 5pm-2am
LOCATION: La Botanica, San Antonio, TX

That moment you’re about to sing to your phone but a car pulls up next to you so you pretend like nothing was happening.

Tell your friends!!!

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The Virgen De Guadalupe is a concept that must be unpacked. The current political climate calls for it. She is an Indigenous woman . . . kidnapped, objectified, and exploited. Today, a symbol. For hundreds of years, a tool of the Catholic Church to convert *Indigenous* people to Catholicism. Detained, brown people pray to her—from their cells—not realizing she was one of the first kidnapped on these lands. #MMIW #decolonize #dechristianize #indigenize

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"The Indian Problem" refers to the question inherent in all American "settler colonial nation states" as to how the settler must deal with the native inhabitant of the aforementioned settler colonial nation states. The United States, Canada, Mexico, and all of Central and South America are all settler colonial nation states, and a certain historical amenesia is essential to maintaining their national narratives. Europeans who immigrated to the Americas, refused to learn our languages or ways, and inflicted great violence against the original inhabitants of the Americas, now their descendants point their fingers at Mexicans, who are descendants of Native Americans, and claim that the Mexicans are the "immigrants", and the Europeans are the "Americans". Mexicans, who's name fomes from "Mexika" which is the actual name of the Aztecs, are an Indigenous people, they have migrated as far as Utah, Oklahoma, and beyond, and their innovations and cultivations like maize were spread all across the Americas. Donald Trump made himself the viral candidate in this past election by speaking to the fears of Europeans, that the Mexicans will overrun them, and so the "border wall" his administration speaks of is truly unique in history, as it's true purpose is to disrupt ancestral and sacred migrations of Indigenous people, and to address the "Indian Problem". We speak of these ideas in the coded language and terms of the colonizers: "illegal", "latinos", "undocumented" all of these terms serve to subvert our sovereignty and claims to these lands which were stolen by the forefathers of these same Europeans now claiming​ to be Americans.
Written by: @IndigenousPride

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HONDURAN TPS HOLDERS! The 60 day window to reregister your TPS is NOW OPEN! Make sure you reregister BEFORE August 6th! #DefendTPS #SaveTPS #HereToStay

Reposting from @jaratura - CALL TO ACTION: The oldest Indigenous burial and village site in the Bay Area is threatened. Ohlone leaders call for support. Please contact the city of Berkeley (even just through e-mail, but especially if you can by phone) and tell them to halt the development and support Ohlone peoples. This is a grassroots Indigenous women led movement. —
In 1909, archeologist Nels Nelson created a map of the over 425 shellmound burial sites that ring the Bay Area. Many have been destroyed as a result of settler intrusion. One of the largest is buried below the Bay Street Mall in Emeryville. Today, the oldest shellmound and village site located at 1900 Fourth Street in Berkeley is threatened. Despite being named a historic landmark by the Berkeley Landmarks Commission and its ceremonial importance for Ohlone peoples, West Berkeley Investors has aggressively sought to build apartments, restaurants, and a parking garage on top of this site. More details here:…/

If you only make one call or email, please contact the Berkeley City Manager Dee Williams Ridley at 510-981-7000 and/or

Image by @micahbazant
#SaveTheShellmounds #savethewestberkeleyshellmound #protectthesacred #ohloneland

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Ya basta de tantas pendejadas eh injusticias. Los gobernantes terminan siendo los peores traidores que no cuidan de su comunidad, de sus mujeres de su futuro. Claudia Presente! #Sayhername Claudia Patricia Gomez Gonzales----La mato la migra. What still hasn't changed regardless of borders are the murders of indigenous women within the United States, Canada and Mexican borders and other countries all around. #YABasta #Hastalamadre #LasmuertasdeJuares #FueraTrump #FueraelPRI #Ayotzinapa #Yamecanse #FuckYourWall #Niunamas #IndigenousRights #Humanity #BorderWars #MemorialDay #IndigenousArt 🖕🏽 🐍🌹💀🌹🐍🖕🏽

Foto 3/3
Graduación de Syracuse University
Nación Onondaga, Confederación Indigena Haudenosaunee (New York)
Año 2018
Viendo hacia la bandera de la Confederación Indigena Haudenosaunee, usando la estola que recibí en la 15a Recepción Anual de la Graduación Indigena.
Me dicen india, me convertí en india licenciada—por tercera vez.
Me dicen que traigo el nopal en la frente, en mi graduación cargue un nopal en mi birrete.
India. Sustantivo asociado con inferioridad.

India. Sustantivo asociado con ignorancia.

India. Sustantivo asociado con suciedad.

India. La india tiene mucho que ofrecer al mundo.

La india no es inferior. Sus capacidades y brillantez son oscurecidas por prejuicios.

La india no es ignorante. La mente indígena tiene la dosis curativa que la ciencia jamás dará.

La india no es sucia. Punto.

Mi logro se lo dedico a mi Ama y a mi Apa. Mi trabajo sigue siendo para mi gente.

Estoy eternamente agradecida a mis padres, a mis hermanas y hermanos por todo el apoyo que me brindaron para yo poder llegar a donde estoy hoy. Por su contribución a mis estudios he logrado recibirme con mi bachillerato en geografía de una de las top 100 universidades en Estados Unidos.

Gracias a todxs quienes han creído en mí en estos últimos seis años y a todxs lxs que me brindan su amistad—tu/su apoyo alimenta mi motivación.

-Janet, Fundadora de @brownmujeresmedia

P.D. Soy Guachichil (Norte de México), llevo un vestido tradicional Chiapaneco (Sur de México) en esta fotografía. #Onondaga #Haudenosaunee #Iroquis #rez #LatinxGradCaps #guachichil #chichimeca #zacatecas #nuevoleón #mty #chiapas #mexico #graduation #indigena #indigenous #decolonize #resist

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