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Archibald Brown  South African mixed race 👦🏠 Love to dance💃 Love food💋❤ Love people👬 Pharmaceutics 📚💊 Love reading Travelling None smoker Love to take selfies

Feeling blessed...
Patient baked this for me

Dream, hope, follow your heart, and ask God for courage!

Trust God when you can't see where the road is leading you! Walk by faith and everything will be possible

Probably the best fun and most active weekend I've had in ages! 2 hours walk after changing my shoes obviously!

So much green and beauty i tell you its amazing how God looks after his creation

You'll never know how strong you are until you go through hardship!


You do not need anyone to tell you how beautiful/handsome you are to feel good about yourself or to believe that, you most certainly do not need a queue of guys or girls that wants you to know or believe you're beautiful, you do not need to surround yourself with "beautiful" people to feel beautiful. Real beauty is knowing that you're created in God's image and that is that most beautiful person i know..... You!

#innerbeauty you're beautiful, love yourself!

Don't be with someone who sees you only as a "good investment" but who only sees you, loves you beyond your looks, sees perfection in your imperfections, someone who is content enough to wake up every morning next to you for the rest of your life, don't settle for 6 months but for someone you can grow old with!
#respect yourself enough

We are so afraid of being over loved, so afraid of taking risk, afraid of the distance, afraid of change, we are afraid to show who we truly are, of being judged, we are afraid of opening up to someone who really cares.... Fear paralysis you, it blinds until you walk in victory!

So after washing my baby it starts pouring dogs and cats.... The nerve of this Johannesburg weather! Any way.... Make sure when you count your blessings is to give God the Glory!

Never compare yourself to anyone, you do not know their struggles, you do not know what they had to go through to be where they are today, you do not know what they go through privately! Focus on yourself and your relationship with your God

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