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HALAL ARTISAN BROW TINTING  Book appt online at 1st Henna Brow Tinting in SG✨Brow tinting services using 100% Natural Ingredients!

Our Amazing Model lookin 🔥🔥🔥 !!! With her henna brow done by @ainjenner she was very much satisfied and so happy because its Wudhuk frenly N Solat Ready !!! #browavidbyainjenner #browavid #hennabrowtintingsg

Our Customer just next door !! Supi's brows looking browlicious 💯 #browavid #hennabrowtintingsg #browavidbyainjenner

Our Customer Linda brows looks so naturalll but still on fleek💯!! This type of brow is especially for the ladies who prefer a more naturallll brow !! #browavid #hennabrowtintingsg #browavidbyainjenner

Our lovely customer @raffandabdullah have been wanting to try our Halal Henna Eybrow Tinting since puasa!! And finally she got her On fleek brows done by @ainjenner 💯💓!!

This lady here have always wanted to do eyebrow embroidery as some places claim that they are using vegan products. However she was sceptical about how long the product would last, with it being natural and vegan... until finally her auntie recommended her to us at Brow Avid! Alhamdullilah, she was extremely thankful to have engaged our services!

Initally, though, she was skeptical after browsing our portfolios and realising that most of our customers eyebrows had a precised artisan shape which was big, arched and dark. She was hesitant that it would be suitable for her face.
But when she came, Kak Yatee suggested and advised her on what shape would suit and perfectly frame her face.
At the end of the day, she was extremely happy and satisfied with the results!!! It was exactly how she had imagined it to be and was amazed that we could deliver what she had envisioned!

For packages, FAQs and online bookings, please visit
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It very sad to know that there are some irresponsible MUA out there. Ladies, please, if you plan on getting a makeover, please please make sure the makeup artist is careful with your eyebrows. Do not allow him/her to shave it off or trim without first seeking your permission.
Our sweet #browavidian customer here is super excited to have her eyebrows done after the disaster she had during some makeup sessions she attended, resulting in her eyebrows almost wholly shaven off and worst, not growing back properly since 16 years ago. To top it off, she tried embroidery, however the treatment left her in extreme pain and bleeding.
Here at Brow Avid, we treat your eyebrows with meticulous care and always strive to give you the best look. Our tinting is painless and fuss-free, and we ensure that the customer is satisfied with her eyebrow shape before we start the tint process.
Look at how we managed to save her eyebrows! I am so happy to see her smile!

View packages, FAQs and make appointments at

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Weekend 22-23 July appointments only!! Bring-a-GF promo,only for this weekend!! Get 20% off for our Fleek and Dazzling package for you to share!! Book an appointment at and use Promo code: GF Promo

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We super LOVE this Mom and Doter bonding during Brow sessions!!! What a great way to find time together to do sumthing both ❤❤❤!! View our packages, FAQ then make a booking with us online at our website 💝Brow Avid, Tag and Win contest is still ongoing till end of July.
Tag your bestest selfie with your Henna Artisan Brows clearly shown to win many FREE services from us!!! 💝Brow Avid, the 1st Henna Brow Tinting Service in Singapore, Wudhuk friendly and always Solat Ready!!! #hennaartisanbrowtinting #hennabrowtinting #1stsghennabrowtinting #halalhennabrowtinting #browavid #browavidbyainjenner #browhennatintingsg #browtintingsg #browartistsg #hennabrowsg

1st Halal Henna Artisan Brow TintiNg in Sg
Wudhuk Friendly and Solat Ready
Inclusive the Touch up Kit, you can have on fleek brows everyday!! #hennabrows #hennabrowsg #sghalalhennabrowtinting #browavid #browtintingsg

The emcee with a GOLDEN voice!! TQ for the support!! #hennabrowtinting #1stsghalalhennabrowtinting #browavid #browberaya #hennabrows #hennabrowsg

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