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Joslyne - Brow Expert  ❁Leading NZ in Cosmetic Tattooing ❥DM me for enquires ❃Awakeri-B.O.P ✈️ Currently taking bookings for Jan 2k18 in 🇨🇦YEG ❥Empowerment

Brow life 💁🏼This is my passion!!

These brows were previously microbladed by another brow artist. I adjusted the shape to better suite her face. I think she got a much needed brow make-over! 🔥 Yes, the color will soften once healed and appear more natural.

The second stage of the treatment is called a ‘touch up’, and takes 45-60 min approx.. This usually happens after 30-60 days because it takes that long for the pigment to settle in the skin, heal, peel and fade off softer. The brows naturally exfoliate in the previous month giving way to healed skin with the brow strokes just underneath it. It is IMPERATIVE you complete the touch up treatment, as without it, it will be a job half done and the results will not be optimum. The touch up gives the client an opportunity to get used to the initial finish before a final touch up consolidates the pigment into the skin , thus preventing fading. The colour will have faded significantly in this 30 days as the skin heals, peels and fades. This is normal!! Trust the process xx

Brows brows brows! Doesn't matter your age.. everyone deserves a beautiful set of new brows! My clientele is mostly older ladies who's brows grew sparse over the years. Thank goodness for cosmetic tattooing! ❣️

How awesome is this brow transformation!? 😱👌🏽 It's so cool seeing the before & after shots!

🤷🏼‍♀️How it works: I use a sharp tool like; a mini scalpel to scratch tiny lines into your natural brows, so that they look just like individual hairs! 🎉Results: Natural looking brows noticeable immediately. Final results after 4-6 week touch up, may vary depending on skin type. ⏳How long will it last: 1-3 years, yearly touch ups are recommended.

&& that's the truth! 😘

These reveal videos are so satisfying to me! 🙃 Her before photo is in my previous post xx

I've been a bit slow to reply to messages the past few days! Sorry about that, but it's been very hectic lately! Bare with me 🐻Here's a gorgeous set I did not to long ago, finally catching up on all my before & after shots! 🤗

Covered up this old block tattoo done years ago in Australia! Out with the old, in with the new 🎉

After the first appointment, the color looks darker naturally.. Once healed the colour will soften and you will notice how much more natural they look! The eyebrows are completely healed at least one month after the treatment. A friendly reminder: Not only is healing a process, but microblading itself is as well. The initial microblading appointment is essential for laying a good foundation, but the final touch up appointment is where the process is completed. Trust the process!🎀

Look at that detail!!!! Can't wait to see how these heal up! 💗

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