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Brother Wolf Animal Rescue  Brother Wolf Animal Rescue was founded in Asheville, North Carolina in 2007 to provide the resources and programs to build a No-Kill community. 🌱

We can’t believe it. Another hurricane has hit, and the devastation is hard to comprehend. Our team is back out in the field and already saving lives. #florida #hurricanemichael #animalrescue #helppeople #destruction #notagain #brotherwolf

How perfect are these new siblings?!? “Marlan now goes by Lil Sebastian and he’s doing great! I have never met a happier more friendly dog in my life. His tail wags so hard that he almost falls over. I can’t sit down anywhere without him trying to crawl in my lap, and I love it! He loves to watch sports on TV, especially the Red Sox. He has a big brother, Captain- a 4 year 110lb Golden Retriever, and they get along great. Being a Golden, of course he taught Sebastian to swim at a very young age and they love when we take a trip to Hominy Creek or the river. Sometimes they both come to work with me if the weather is nice.” #happy #adopted #foreverhome #sweet #cuddle #brotherwolf #dogsofinstagram

When you can't beat 'em, join 'em. T-Rexx's favorite thing in the WORLD is to choose the best stick, and the larger the better. For enrichment today, he got to start his own business as T-Rexx's Tree-Removal Service, and happily helped remove this fallen branch from a Behavior Team member's yard. Happy, happy guy!
PS. He's adoptable, and ready to take his business on the road. #businesscasual #businessman #startup #tree #branches #dogsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #brotherwolf #help

For this #throwbackthursday we wanted to share the sweet story of Jasper. "I have wanted to write to you all ever since we adopted Jasper (a.k.a. Casey ) in March 2016 because I'm pretty sure we found one of the best dogs ever! I was not really looking for a dog, just visiting Brother Wolf while waiting for a friend. Jasper was hanging out with staff in the front room behind the counter. It was pretty much love at first sight, but because I wasn't really looking for a dog, I went home. Well, of course I couldn't stop thinking about him, and after a couple of more visits, he came home to meet the family, including my other dogs. I knew he would stay. He just seemed like such a sweet and special dog, something inside me told me he deserved a chance. What I didn't know is that my adult son, who has autism, would bond with Jasper, and become his biggest fan. Jasper has become an important part of my sons daily routine. They are such good friends, and Jasper has become such an important part of our family. I wanted to share some pictures with you and thank you for all you do." #adoptdontshop #changeyourlife #friends #truelove #brotherwolf #animalrescue

Buster's adoptive family renamed him Monty, and reports, "He’s quite the lovable stinker and best friends with our Collie, Danica. He’s adapted very well with our family. I’ve attached some pics below. Monty turned into a handsome little guy who LOVES boxes and lounging on tables 😊. He pretty much runs the roost!" #forever #adopted #happy #brotherwolf #cats #dogsofinstagram

We are beyond grateful to @trewlovesanctuary for taking in the little pig saved from flood waters. She has been named Petunia and will have a life full of love with an equally as cute pig sister. @trewlovesanctuary has taken on all of the ongoing medical and food costs for this little angel. Make sure to go follow their page, and please make a donation if you can! #safe #happy #foreverhome #animalrescue #allanimalsmatter #pig #pigsofinstagram #friends #vegan #brotherwolf

Do you remember Florence, the kitten who was brought to REACH a few weeks ago to be euthanized when someone found her in the woods with a ruptured eye? REACH knew to call us before euthanizing, and we're glad they did! Three weeks after coming into our care, Florence's ruptured eye has been removed and she has regained some vision in her remaining eye (and we expect it to continue to improve)! Her foster mom reports that she is a "feisty, playful little fireball with an incredible will to live." Thank you for helping us save her life! Check out these amazing before/after pics that were only taken 3 weeks apart! #beforeandafter #healing #surgery #better #animal #animalrescue #kittens #kittensofinstagram #brotherwolf

Kara was absolutely terrified when she came to us from flooding following hurricane #florence But after just a few days in fostercare, her fostermom says she "is doing fabulously and thriving. Learning she can be a confident dog and she is safe now. So proud of this gal. Her favorite thing to do is lounge on the couch or crumb hunt in the kitchen." #hurricaneflorence #flooding #allanimalsmatter #brotherwolf #confidance #changeinglives #animalrescue

Ten days after Florence made landfall, our team is still rescuing, and proving food and fresh water to starving animals - including this #greyfox who sought refuge in a tree. Animals who survived the hurricane and subsequent flooding STILL need our help. Please don’t forget about them. If you can give, please visit the link in our bio. #thiseffectseveryone #animalrescue #brotherwolf #florence #hope #stillhere #allanimalsmatter

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