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World War 2 Allied History  WW2 for History Geeks by a History Geek. Let's explore history together! Dedicated To My Grandfather: US Army 103rd🌵🇺🇸 Pvt Orville "Lou" Obermeyer

All Americans In Sicily
Pictured above are paratroopers of the 505th PIR/ 82nd AD preparing for the jump into Sicily as part of Operation Husky. Lead by Col. James M. Gavin, the paratroopers would be making history with their first combat jump.
If you want to leave more about the 82nd and their role in the invasion of Sicily, listen to lasted edition of "The WW2 Podcast"

The Unseen Terror Of East Prussia
You can't talk about Female Russian Snipers without brining up Roza Shanina. - 19 years old - 59 confirmed kills - KIA Jan 1945 (age 20)
That is the most simplest way to put it. If you are a long time follower of this page you know I have this history nerd obsession with Roza Shanina.
If you go under the hashtag #sistersofww2 you can find my past posts on Roza that are a lot more detailed and full of info.

12 Russian Snipers
Pictured above are members of the 3rd Shock Army, 1st Belorussian Front. 1945

With all of the 12 women combined, there are a total of 775 confirmed kills in this picture.

After Eniwetok
Pictured above are three US Marines of the 22nd Marine Regiment after the Battle of Eniwetok (Marshall Islands)
February 1944
Along with the 106th Infantry Regiment, 22nd Marine Inf took the island in a week. 313 KIA 879 Wounded and 77 missing... all in a week "Best Cup Of Coffee I've Ever Had"

The General and Field Marshal
Eisenhower and Montgomery overseeing exercises with the Tank Divisions in Salisbury, England. 1944
These colored pictures are always great to come across!

Hacksaw Ridge
Cpl. Desmond Doss (with Metal of Honor) and his wife Dorothy

I was reading an interview with Desmond son, Desmond Jr and he gave his opinion on the film. He was very happy with how the film came out and applauded Mel Gibson who he was in close contact with while making the film. The only thing Desmond Jr. said that he did not like was that the audience didn't get the full concept of what his dad did. Gibson approached him and said he was going to leave some stuff out, only because if he added it in the audience might not believe it. (That's something isn't ? He was such a bad ass, that Gibson thought the audience would think he was BSing them). The most notable change was that Doss received wounds from standing on a grenade to protect his patients and took a bullet to the arm. When a stretcher came for him, he denied it and said to take someone else.
I was a little disappointed in the movie that it made it seem like Doss's first battle was Okinawa, but Doss actually was in Guam and Leyte
Also, Dorthy was not a nurse when she met Desmond. She got her nursing degree after the war and worked full time. Because of the wounds Desmond received during the war, he could not have a full time job. I bet there was other things that had to be adjusted, but besides that, it was true to form.

Hacksaw Ridge
I know this movie has been out for awhile, but how did you guys like it?
For me, it was my favorite movie of the year!

I posted this picture a year ago and I believe it was my most liked picture and rightfully so.
In the picture is Pearl Harbor Survivor Larry Perry

We Remember, 75 Years Later
75 years ago today at 7:55 am, The Empire of Japan launched a surprise attack on the US Naval Base Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu. This attack launched the US into the biggest war it has ever seen. At the end of the day the death toll was over 2,000. In the days, the months, and the years to come, so many more will die as the US/Allies pushes the Japanese out of the Pacific and puts an end to the Axis Powers in Europe and Africa.
December 7th, 1941 was said to be a day that would live in infamy and it will never be forgotten, even after the last survivor passes. 🇺🇸

Know Your Patients
US Army Medic with the 1st Infantry Division examining a GIs medical tags in Normandy.

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This was a post I did awhile ago, but I thought this was the perfect way to start off my series #MedicsOfWW2 ・・・
"Your touch... It heals people. That's a gift from God"
"No...God would never give such a horrible thing"
During the Siege of Bastogne, winter of 1944-45 there were two Belgium Nurses that went beyond the call of duty.
(Top) Renee Lemaire and (Bottom) Augusta Chiwy were two young nurses in their early 20s that volunteered with the 20th Armored Infantry Battalion and worked under Dr. John Prior during the Battle of the Bulge.
Their story of how they got there is very similar. Nurse Renee lived in Brussels and Nurse Augusta lived in the Congo, both came back home to Bastogne to see their family for Christmas... It was supposed to be a safe area.
When the Germans surrounded the town and all hell broke loose they volunteered. Nurse Renee was known for going without food or sleep for long periods of time. Dr. Prior said she would bandage, give meds, feed the men, and give comfort during the worst parts. She is known as the "Angel of Bastogne". Nurse Augusta who first treated civilians with her uncle who was a doctor, was known to dress in a GI uniform and go into the field to treat and transfer the wounded.
On Christmas Eve the Germans shelled Bastogne. Nurse Renee evacuated 6 men, but when going back for the seventh... She was killed. Her body was wrapped in a white parachute and Dr. Prior brought back the body to her parents. Nurse Augusta was thrown against a wall during the shelling, but survived. She would marry a Belgium soldier, have two kids, and continue working as a Nurse till her retirement. She did not talk about the war, until, a historian tracked her down and interviewed her. Nurse Augusta is 94 living in Belgium still.
P.S. There is no historical account of Nurse Renee and Doc Roe ever meeting. None the less they all had a part in my decision to go into the medical field.

Hey History Geeks!
It's been a long time since I signed into this account. Life has been extremely busy and keeping up with this page was something I didn't have time for. Started to lose motivation after running this page for a long time and was getting lazy. I honestly thought I was going to stop posting on this page after I was done with my pictures from Normandy. I absolutely loved running this page and all the people I met since the beginning.... But idk if I want to stop. WW2 is still what I want to study the most in history and like I said I love running this page. I had big plans for the Brothers of WW2 page and name, but life got in the way.
I really want to start being more active with this page again. I started working as an EMT recently and I always had a big interest with the medics, nurses, docs, etc during WW2. So, that's what my next series will be. #MedicsOfWW2

Great to see you all again :)

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